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General Guidelines
To make RapVerse.com a community an enjoyable experience for all members and guests, please follow the simple rules listed below:
    1) No posting of pornography or offensive images
    This is a hip hop community. If you want porn, go to a porn site
    2) No spamming or advertising
    Do not post your URL or websites in threads / replies unless another member is specifically asking for something that site has. If you wish to advertise your site, consider purchasing an advertisment.
    3) No freeposting
    Freeposts are pointless replies to threads to raise your post count. Pointless replies such as "I agree", "word", "yeah", etc that do not contribute any value to the discussion will be considered freeposting and will be deleted. Users who are found to be trying to inflate their post counts will have them reset to 0 and/or banned.
    4) No posting of personal information about a member / person without their permission
    5) Post in the appropriate forum
    Moderators are not here to clean up after you. Users who continuously post in incorrect forums will be banned after they are warned once.

      Special note:
      Battles go into Front Lines. Callouts go into the Bitchslapped subforum inside Front Lines.
      Do not post battles or callouts anywhere else

    6) No asking for moderator spots
    We will come to you and not the other way around. Asking will result in you being put onto the bottom of the list. Only exception are crew forums - one moderator will be allowed per crew.
    7) Got problems?
    If you have problems with anything, whether it is biting, cheating, dickriding, freeposting or spamming, post a reply in the appropriate thread in Investigative Reports and a moderator will take a look at the issue as soon as they can. If you have problems with a moderator, you can PM or email an administrator.

Battle Rules
We invite everyone to show their skills by battling other members. To keep everything fair, please read and follow these rules if you do text or audio battles:
    1) Only 5 active battles at a time in Front Lines
    You are not to have more than 5 battle threads happening at the same time anymore. If you check into a 6th battle then you will be DQ'd immediately and given a loss! If someone makes a thread saying to battle you that you didn't agree to, do not check in. Tell them that you are already in 5 battles and can't yet.
    Penalty: Disqualification
    2) Do not bump your battle more than 1 time per 3 hours
    If you need that one last vote, or more votes in general, you are to vote on someone else's battle and simply put a link to your battle after your vote. This will help keep Front Lines active and will benefit both you and the other members.
    Penalty: Disqualification
    3) The minimum lines for a battle is 6 lines
    If you drop less than 6 lines, your battle will be closed and you have wasted your time.
    Penalty: Disqualification
    4) Do not drop your link to your battle without voting
    If you are going to drop a link in another battle, you must post your vote first. You may not drop your link and tell them you'll vote later. Also do not create new threads asking for people to vote on your battles.
    Penalty: Disqualification
    5) No unexplained votes
    No more just saying "XXX took this easily.. Vote - XXX" Give actual reasoning to why you voted for them or it will be assumed as D/R voting and you will be banned.
    6) No recycling of verses
    Please use original rhymes/verses. The only time you may reuse a verse is if you dropped your lines and your opponent never shows.
    Penalty: Disqualification
    7) No voting rings
    If you have a group of "AIM buddies" or "PM Pals" that you continually ask and get votes from, we are going to notice. If you feel the need to have your friends give you votes, we do not want you on this site.
    Penalty: Ban
    8) No biting
    Do not attempt to use somebody else's rhymes as your own. Other members will report you if they see you stealing verses.
    Penalty: Ban
    9) No cheating by using another account to vote
    If we suspect you are using an alias to vote for yourself, you and all your aliases will be instantly banned. The excuse that it was not you who voted, but was your brother, your friend, or your dog will not be considered. If somebody breaks into your crib, signs up for rapverse and votes for you before stealing your computer, we're sorry that you lost all your mp3s, but you will still be banned. Battle fairly or don't battle at all.
    Penalty: Ban

See any of the above rules being broken? Post a reply inside the correct thread in Investigative Reports and a moderator will take a look at the problem as soon as they can.

Moderator Guidelines
Moderators are given a position of authority on RapVerse.com and are expected to set an example for other members to follow. A moderator's duties include:
  • Watching over their forums and ensure that all members follow the rules and guidelines.
  • Making sure that your actions are for the best interests of the community and not because of personal issues or opinions.

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