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La Cosa Nostra 11-03-10 12:29 PM

whats been happening
havnt been logging in here in a while cause I been busy.

So how the fuck is everyone or anyone whose still around?

_Talksic_ 11-03-10 10:01 PM

whats up mayne,same old shit, had a tournament, i think adam would have given you a run for your money if you guys battled..not sure if you have before but he came pretty sick.coke went pretty hard to..
your arch nemesis poetic joined the military..2v joined the republican party. el rey did a song with jin.. thats all i can think of right now cuz i have a ridiculous headache..
but the sites still dead as you can tell.

villagepimp 11-04-10 02:08 AM

Forgot this place even existed until i ran across it on my old bookmarks haha

Half WIT it 11-08-10 09:09 PM

Come join our one of a kind Text Battle League

Creative writing and Brawler battles

Lyrical Battle Groundz with a a custom Battle Hack
and cash tourney's


Cola 11-08-10 10:11 PM

cock a doodle do

_Talksic_ 11-10-10 01:20 AM

what ev you been up to nos?

13th. 11-17-10 03:25 PM

whats good cuz?

this like a old heads meet Nos, ha

Cola 11-17-10 06:21 PM

rapverse forever

13th. 11-18-10 11:56 AM

^^^what was your old name man?

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