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Jay 3rd 03-25-07 03:25 PM

Jay 3rd vs Sir Smash'Alot
Battle Rules:

0:45 - 2:00 Max
No Crew Votes
No Recycling
No Biting

Minimum posts to vote: 150

Check in by: 03-27-07 at 03:25 PM

Must drop verse in 4320 minutes after check in.

System 03-25-07 03:36 PM

Sir Smash'Alot has ACCEPTED this battle on 03-25-07 03:36 PM.

System 03-25-07 03:45 PM

Jay 3rd has ACCEPTED this battle on 03-25-07 03:45 PM.

Sir Smash'Alot 03-26-07 09:55 PM

lo-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getp...id=5162601&q=lo
hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getp...id=5162601&q=hi

Jay 3rd 03-26-07 11:29 PM

yea quality aint how i usually have it, like i said igotta find the right settings for the Tile here.. stlil decent though..

you dont wanna battle me my levels too high//
pound u underground give the Devil High fives//
i'm nice on the track but evil on the disses//
its like ya third eyes blind the way it dont see bitches//
its my 2nd battle its time i bring the heat//
sir smash alot please u aint eva seen the street//
so prepare for ya death or atleast soon to be//
only tim u run streets is in gated communities//
i saw ya last battle all u do is talk loud//
how u gonna talk shit when ya ass get knocked out//
u like a foutain dawg u know ya flows weak//
and my level too high man you'll catch a nose bleed//
got knocked out once battlin me you'll bleed fast//
cuz i'll hit ya quick like ya face was a speed bag//
i got the flames dawg ya shits fast to burn//
i'll punch ya third eye make it feel like a cathader//
i got the hits to ya chest see how good ya heart is//
if u cant tell by now "HE RETARDED!"//
and naw u aint ballin man just keep ya cork shut//
and naw that aint a limo dawg thats just ya short bus//
if u wanna talk ya shit, then go and bring those//
cuz i could rip ya quick just by makin a ring tone//
and if u win the battle, yo lemme be honest//
i'll buy ya gift man and get u hooked on phonics//

Jay 3rd 03-26-07 11:32 PM

lol , nice verse man heard some nice lil personals...
lol @ u droppin way before Frost even did.. wonder what his excuse was.. props on droppin this quick man, g'luck

Jay Rose 03-26-07 11:40 PM

Voted For: Sir Smash'Alot

both were kinda lameish....but yea smash got my vote...cuz he had two good punches the home run... n the sweater line....jay 3rd i wasnt feelin a whole verse full of filler shit....the last line was okay but vote for smash

Jay 3rd 03-27-07 06:03 PM

guess battles changed over the years.. used to be audio was judged by more than 1 thing..
Flow, presence, delivery,punches, and beat, sometimes quality..
Text was usually only based on punches but its what eva
1-0 3rd eye

Cola 03-28-07 04:36 AM

Voted For: Jay 3rd


this is a straight n honest vote...

Quality: Jay
Flow: Jay
Punches: Tie

seemed like Smash is still elevating...good shit from both...

i can't really say either was bad...seeing as how i dont have ne audio up yet...

but good shit...keep it going...


Jay 3rd 03-30-07 07:38 PM

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Uppin^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^

ILL GEE 04-01-07 05:26 PM

This was feedback posted for Sir Smash'Alot
I can't even vote on this shyt... wow... this was just terrible... both verses were relatively weak for a battle... no hate or nothing but there are dudes here that will completely dismantle both verses without breaking a sweat.

Smash... you just sounding like you ain't give a damn...

Jay... ya flow is off and ya verses are elementary... brush up on ya wordplay homie... had quite a few played lines and ya even regurgitated a few within ya verse...

Smash... learn how to edit ya tracks... verse was like a minute but the track is like 4 hours...lol... wow...

y'all need to elevate some more... rhyme scheme, timing, editing, wordplay... the whole 9... again ... no hate... just giving my opinion of the battle.

The Jett 04-03-07 08:01 PM

Voted For: Jay 3rd

Dont ever ever post your lyrics with your link. if we cant understand you thats ur own fault.

Sir's shit was normal.....until he started yellin weird shit...."bitch please" an what not.....plus it was like 30 seconds long and hardly direct. bad punches n shit. flow was ehh quality was bleh and beat was yuk.

3rd....ur flow was off and punches werent much harder but they were a tad better and u had more than 30 seconds and a bunch of retarded yelling. you get my vote.

honestly.... a sorry ass battle tho. lets elevate.

Jay 3rd 04-06-07 04:35 PM

Uppin wanna get this battle done with.. if ya think its wack or not... lets just get some votes please

Jay 3rd 04-09-07 07:37 PM

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Past Tense 05-09-07 04:37 AM

This was feedback posted for Jay 3rd
checkity checkin the pollsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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