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GHO$T 08-13-07 07:02 PM

GHO$T vs *~F@M3-Iz~*
Battle Rules:

No Crew Votes
No Recycling
No Biting

Minimum posts to vote: 20

Check in by: 08-16-07 at 07:02 PM

Must drop verse in 4320 minutes after check in.

System 08-13-07 07:03 PM

GHO$T has ACCEPTED this battle on 08-13-07 07:03 PM.

System 08-13-07 07:33 PM

*~F@M3-Iz~* has ACCEPTED this battle on 08-13-07 07:33 PM.

*~F@M3-Iz~* 08-13-07 08:12 PM

Lets Get It In...

When The Fist-Close, The Thoughts-Roll, And I'm Makin-Disaster...
C'mon Strobe, Why U Got Me Battlin-Casper...


He Claimin He Spit Hot, The Bitch Gon Fold When The-Led-Is-Gone...
He Claim He Gangsta, When I Pop-Off, Watch Him 'Transform-Like-Decepticons'...

Transformers More Than Meets The Eye...Haha

I'm Killin-This-Boy, The Led-Gone-Fly, Watch His Mother-Cry...
He Mad Kuz His Fam Disowns Him, Like Stinky-Fatso-And That-Other-Guy...*

O SHIT!!!...

He Wanna Be 300 JG, But I Don't Like Em, I Smell-Bitches-U-Hear...
Rapverse Has 'No Need 4 Gho$T', Goddamn Everyday 'Must-B-Christmas-In-Here'...

Ghosts Is 4 Halloween...Think About It...

U Battlin The Best, Homie And The-Toast-Is-Gon-Bring-Me-Charm...
What They Say Must B True, Kuz By Ur Verse, Its Easy 2 See 'Gho$t-Cant-Do-No-Harm'...

HAHA!!!!.....U Ever Heard Sumbody Say Ghosts Are Harmless...

U Aint Neva Beatin Me Kid, U Got Out-Lucked-Wit-Most...
Betta Call Me 'Dan Akroyd', And Watch Me 'Bust-This-Ghost'...


*Caspers Uncles Disowned Him Kuz He Was Scary Enough...His Uncles Was Stinky, Fatso, And I 4got The Other Dudes Name...If Yall Ever Seen The Casper Movies U Kno What I Mean

GHO$T 08-16-07 03:00 PM

when the haedline reads,"Fake Rapper gunned Down", then you'll be famous(F@me-Iz)
firing more rockets than NASA, im like the wind while this nigga dust
nigga couldnt rip the mic if it was made of paper
juss cuz ur in a net crew dont make u a gangster
location reads, in the middle of the drought...must not be makin no money
shit, u aint even got a bank account, ur juss a broke dummy
i got toolz like construction workers, puttin whack emcees out of their misery
bussin so many shots @ this nigga you would think it was ten of me

Young Fear 08-16-07 03:11 PM

Voted For: *~F@M3-Iz~*

Betta Call Me 'Dan Akroyd', And Watch Me 'Bust-This-Ghost'..

.He Mad Kuz His Fam Disowns Him, Like Stinky-Fatso-And That-Other-Guy...*

This is why you won it. To me fame had better punches.

nigga couldnt rip the mic if it was made of paper
^^^^this seemed like the only semi decent punch you had ghost.


*~F@M3-Iz~* 08-16-07 04:47 PM

Damn Son....I Appreciate It...But The Rules Say No Crew Votes.....I Don't Kno If Sumbody Could Reset That...But Wateva If Ghost Let Slide Then Wateva

GHO$T 08-16-07 05:45 PM

yea, iz cool bro...........................................

Ransum 08-16-07 07:05 PM

This was feedback posted for *~F@M3-Iz~*
danm f@m3-Iz ..... u rip him hands down....

better punches...
smother flow..
more creative in hes verse..

all around better...

ghost i was hoping to see improvment in this battle but i aint...

its very disapponting.....

300 J.G we Running This Rap Shit...

KM 08-16-07 08:04 PM

This was feedback posted for *~F@M3-Iz~*
ghost....your punches weren't hittin hard enough...they were basic to be honest....played to....u gotta come more creative or harder with them...it takes time though and experience...just keep practicin and you will elevate...

famez....more complexity with style than ghost...i like the punches as far as being creative and funny lolz....some lines were a little off with the multis though like they were being forced....other than that though smooth verse still and just all around the better verse....


*~F@M3-Iz~* 08-19-07 03:22 PM

CAN WE PLEASE GET SOME VOTES!!!!.....UPPIN THIS FREAKIN BATTLE :cussing: :cussing: :shoot: :shoot: :cussing: :cussing:

GHO$T 07-31-09 05:07 PM

this whack ass battle......sumone close this shit plz

Cola 07-31-09 07:14 PM

Voted For: *~F@M3-Iz~*

Ghost sucks ass

vote: Fam


Dickard. 08-02-09 11:13 PM

Voted For: *~F@M3-Iz~*

your punches was a lot hitting harder than your opponent..clear as day to see that shit...just don't explain your punches...we like to flow with the shit you write so...kinda leave that out.

fuck yuu 08-08-09 12:23 PM

*~F@M3-Iz~* wins by KO

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