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Ysdat 08-06-06 07:34 PM

The Weapon Cypher
2 Lines

Diss the person above you with one punchline.

If you dont diss the person that posted directly above you you will be banned. Never skip someone out, hence the point of a cypher.

start with me

M&rk 03-25-07 09:51 PM

u lucky no one posted before you.. faggot be moddin like a bitch
cuz i'd skip dissin you just to prove yo pussy ass couldn't ban shit

crazyboysoki 03-26-07 10:44 PM

i feel sorry for you cause your the one who is gettin dissed next,
im the best and you gettin served like a big bowl of rice chex.

Marksmen. 03-27-07 05:43 PM

How can you call yourself the best spittin' them fake raps?
ohh wait, you can do that.. cuz ur the only person who thinks that!

-TeamOne- 03-27-07 05:51 PM

this bitch come round my hood n get stuck n da jaw
and his dick so little he be gettin head thru a straw

Marksmen. 03-27-07 06:08 PM

My dick is small? :nono: but why do you worry about the size of it?
oops my fault.. I forgot you had fantasies about riding it!

Rizo*da*God 03-30-07 12:54 PM

dick this and dick that when does this faggot shit end...
cum directly on ya forehead calll me the marks-men....

Marksmen. 03-31-07 08:17 PM

Rizo... lol you're an imposter of God still, son?
well, enough talking, and I'll send you to the REAL one!

Lay. 04-02-07 08:46 PM

This guy's a joke kid, punches so light I'm chunkin it.
I'd call him a POS,...but he's more like a hunk of it.

Jonathon 04-02-07 08:53 PM

damn sonz. you be dope as hell! no one wants to fuck with you!
but i suggest you fuck off... before I have to go nazi on a jew.

(btw i'm just fucking around, no offense, its played as hell anyways.. plus I'm topical)

Lay. 04-02-07 10:03 PM

You can blind fold me, I'll find you..I slay with intent.
He's so played Jon-a-thon,..is a name of a event

Yea its cool..I'm jus bored

M&rk 04-03-07 01:05 AM

ya looks in question.. this cross eyed, pimple faced fag is wack
dude gotta lay fear cuz every bitch he fucks be scared of his hunch back

Rizo*da*God 04-03-07 07:56 PM

big picture my ass you more like a home movie....
ill take ya carrer away like friday night did booby...

Lay. 04-03-07 10:21 PM

Get the Big Picture your wack, there ain't no hope in you.
Posts ain't nothin,^he got 23..n drops more dope than you..

$DoughBoy-T$ 04-04-07 02:09 PM

man your verse is wack and it steers me crazy
(lay fear my ass)
:laugh2: if your last name was kreuger you still couldn't lay fear in babys

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