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Soar Kaid 11-20-13 05:58 PM

Primo Thug Song
Imma be about the game wit the dragons on my back
got my homies on my side who wanna dabble wit that
Primo gene's get those senorita's runnin wit a ya baby carriage
I don't need no ratzi comin to shoot me short films in paris
But I can be the man wit hood fame at a young age
You goin be hit top to bottom that's what my guns say
I showed these playas to the games faces like a pane frozen
See'n Asian chicks / they body goin nice wit a famous poem
Guess I'll make it rain when the heirs as hot as grills
I take chains if you resist that's when my guns spittin the real
Push brothas aside no brotherly love comin from this thug
I'm still hard as rocks comin from old ways like I'm young
Start problems without a gun but your with a reason
Will get you topped off wit 5 shots that'll stop ya breathin
Catch these thugs hittin these streets while they gotta
work face for thses brothas is all I got because I'mma

Chorus X2

Primo Thug all I am all I was
Primo Thug guns in the sky wit slugs
Primo Thug all I need is shells for my guns
Yeah I got the bars all I need is to get it done

Switch hittin without the decals shockin my rims
Lightnin strippin the chrome on my block in tims
rock again /
being I'm in the ride right now a thug gotta
Plot a scheme visually for a dime piece in prada
Happens to be 95 degrees out in the summer wind
white on my Prius hopin these chicks get wit me again
these profiles want me gone so I just pump the guns
Have em point blank range burnt like they touched the sun
Just a second havin a toast wit a premium roast
that means I tote burnas something like murder she wrote
memoir the rules lemme remind you of my hits
So steer clear of the jewels and the ice on my wrist
I'll give you a tip just roll wit me and my clique
yeah /
I'm being chilled like a chris bottle in Iceland
wit the medallion seal the priceyest so now I gotta buy it
Right now I'm rollin and jettin on airlines through da gates
Beyond the lear shinin like star lights as I pass ya face
Tight belts / I'mma cop now for the right wealth
Be freezy to death if you want / rockin the chain might help
Gone / for the money'ed out vixons no chickens
Might as well relate to my bars effectively - no kindreds

Indeph 11-07-15 01:29 AM

good shit return the fav ;)

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