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Yung MEDIkated
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Joined: May 2008
From: mode5to, Ckalifornia
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Nitrogen vs Yung MEDIkated


Battle Rules:

No crew votes
No Recycling
No Biting
no getting off topic
Topic: defining Illness

Minimum posts to vote: 20

Check in by: 07-18-08 at 11:44 PM

Must drop verse in 4320 minutes after check in.
Yung MEDIkated

destroying and breaking the shackles a of unequality
by taking the quality
of words and giving them a power
so undestructable
that they immobilize and shut down
the operations
of a hostile nation
where uncilivilized becomes civilization
peotry and arts becomes a foundation
and the microphone becomes a weapon
no ammo or bullets required
just voices that penetrate and break the hearts of liers
the suppliers of death
or the government is what they are known as best
but those with a mic
are the givers of life
the flickers of light.....in a world of darkness
we create a world thats flawless
where humans (got soul?)
that (re-evolution"ize") the people as a wholewhich leaves the world of chaos at a stillness......
Freedom of speech.......
......the definition of illness
quicky verse thats life kid
~Welcome to

The MEDIkated Lyfe..........~

the verse was basically typed up in 30 min. lol im normally not up yet, i wouldve gotten a no show if i waited to get up till my normal time. i forgot it was due today

The Definition of Ill
Part 1: I'm Ill
Part 2: The Illest of Artforms

theres no way to define illness without really demonstrating what ill is
see a verse could never truley be considered ill unless the content it conceals is
for instance, i could say im the illest and baddest when speaking
but i couldnt boast a strong case unless my bars were actually weakened
so every now and then youll se my punchlines start gaggin and wheezin
hemorrhaging on my open mics, drastically bleeding
why you think the two illest ever lyrically is deceases and done
and i aint talkin Biggie and Pac, im talkin Big L and Pun
why the fuck you think niggaz say they spit fire? there verses is burnin
they metaphors caught STD's and spreaded it to the rest of the wording
so i might finally claim to be the illest, when im old and on my deathbed
drop an open mic on rv and get feedback from ya kids kids
my juices been flowin lately, which means im more deadly than ever
a migrain during a writting session could cause me to put fourth my deadliest effort
im past ill, ive reached mutant status, not a villain nor hero
past Xavier and Jean Grey im on the level of cerebro
the origin of my power? thats a question that needs no answer
one of the illest of cats, whos lyrics is sparked by cerebral cancer
the inflictions i suffer from allows me to display an exibition of skill
so i ask, could these same reasons make me the definition of ill?


see the definition of ill could be found in any illmatic quote
any busta rhymes throwback or any words Em ever spoke
but me, i was drawn into hip hop the first time i saw krush groove
hearing the LL freestyle or watching the fat boys bust moves
now tell me those wasnt the days when the music was illest
back when it wasnt influenced by killers and the movement was realeast
so i guess the defenition of ill is the birth of a nation
now we the illest thing walking this earth, its like mad cow when the bass hit
so we're renowned as hip hop junkies because we fiend fo the music
like, "I'm ill, i need another hit of that, please bring me the music
so i guess you can say being ill's having the hunger for more
i guess thats why half of the rappers make me sick, and the illest ones is the cure

and still finished wit an hour left
The Definition of a Vet...

Phase 1 Topical Co-Captain
Phase 1 Site Battle Winner by knockout

...Is to have Served Your Faction

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