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Wicked One
Ill Nigga Alert.
Posts: 2,486
Joined: May 2004
From: Harrisburg, PA
Status: Offline
Text Record: 42-19
Audio Record: 2-0
Graphics Record: 0-0
C-Bo vs Wicked One

IP: 3240 794D

Battle Rules:

14 Lines
No Crew Votes
No Recycling
No Biting

Minimum posts to vote: 300

Check in by: 10-04-07 at 12:15 AM

Must drop verse in 4320 minutes after check in.
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Wicked One

Who the fuck's the best in here? it's me to say the least...
Here to prey on the weak, it seems C-Bo a belated feast...
You can't cage the beast, I break chains with stainless teeth...
Yes I bring the heat, punches take aim your face'll breach...
I'm on the rise bout to buy the franchise and you stay stuck on fries...
And as gay as you rhyme no wonder why you make love to guys...
I bet terds fall out ya ass when you shit, fuck it I'll pass up the fists...
And lay you flat with a rapid kick and bricks attached to my kicks...
Casualty of a wack mc, to be truthful you're very overrated...
I'm solid as rock no one could make a bolder statement...
On some honest abe shit, you're slave to me bro, you're boxed in...
Dead meat in the squared circle, complete failure is your only option...
You'll be beaten to death bitch, little frog leaped and his life CROAKED...
In mere seconds breathless, your long screams end this on a HIGH NOTE'...


Watch how I cut his throat open and tear in his spit/
Your bars i'll 'split in half' like i'm 'sharin a twix'/
U say you' ve beat alot of niggas, where in a flick?/
They might think i'm 'tough-n-gay' cus i aint 'scared of dis dick'/
U cant get alone wit pens but me, i'm pimpin-it/
U can't 'write a rap', u jus spend alot of time [post=http://community.rapverse.com/showthread.php?p=3185977#post3185977]'listenin'[/post]/
I'm so vigorous, and i dont want any misconception/
When i pop like rubber'bands', I bet u really 'get ta steppin'/
Wut son, I don't have to be a thug or g to come hard/
And dat's 'unusual' like Yoa Ming playin tha 'point guard'/
U came out strong but seen me and ran back in/
Yea ur a 'dog' cus u love bein a 'mans best friend'/
And we were never 'friends' now i'm in yo 'back-stabbin'/
With a very 'string force', It's like watchin 2 'lacs crashin'/

Net Record(56-9)

RV Record(13-3)

Overall Record

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