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Old 05-15-09, 06:01 PM   #16
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don't get mad at me kid I mean even if I said that bar was decent or good still you lost in my eyes he's verse was more creative more ruthless and hard hitting either way its not a hate vote if anything my bad for the misunderstanding on 1 bar but that 1 bar wouldn't have change my mind either way since you didn't have noting else really to back it up youandwhatarmy was more consistent. Point blank.....
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Old 05-15-09, 08:35 PM   #17
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This was feedback posted for NoCkTerNuL

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who is nockternul? and why is he mentioning my basement?
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Old 05-16-09, 03:30 AM   #18
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i don't know anything about the basement, i just looked through YouAndWhatArmy's old posts and found that post. Murdah, just make sure you understand people's verses before you vote. that's all.
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Old 06-05-09, 01:02 AM   #19
King Solo
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- This battle is closed via the 21-day rule. If you want it re-opened then you can send a private message to myself or another mod to get this re-opened for another week.
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