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Unconditional love(short poem)


Why do I have to condition myself
For unconditional love
Recreate myself image to fit your hugs
Or else Im not worth holding onto
Break myself or leave heart broken
Thought the words I love you was beautiful
Now I see that silence is golden
Rather not hear at all if I can't hear your voice
Why loving me can't be an instinct
Why we have to build up to a choice
At first sight first sound first breath
When your words first touched my heart
I knew we wouldn't breed death
But the taste of success of a family
But your family doesn't like my history
So I change myself for the better
Been through the worst weather
To get to the man I am tougher than leather
Heart tougher than stone yet my soul still humble
Yet your softest touch made me crumble
Couldn't help but fall head over hills
So I'm in a dilemma when it comes to chosing a pill
Stuck in the matrix living a lie to see ya eyes
Or wake up and see that this love isn't right

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