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Old 08-03-04, 12:51 AM   #1
I'm So Punny
JPoll's Avatar
Posts: 2,878
Joined: Apr 2004
From: Calgary
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Audio Record: 2-0
Mag Steak Knife Week 5!!!!!

IP: 95FF 1D86

hello everyone, this is where in the near future Superior will be posting the week 5 mag...p.s. A BIG congrats to apotheosis on the championship win.
Old 08-03-04, 06:06 AM   #2
Poppa Kap
Banned: Spamming
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Joined: Mar 2003
From: Great Britain
Status: Offline

thanks JPoll. Btw...I havent checked yet but am I added to the hall of champions?

the fame is gettin 2 me
Old 08-03-04, 01:02 PM   #3
New to RV
40z's Avatar
Posts: 2
Joined: Jun 2004
From: Brooklyn, NY
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Text Record: 3-4
IP: 53AA EC72

^Don't get happy, I'm comin' for ya again.
One Man Crew
Most of 'em hate me, and it's a rare one who loves me
Niggas fillin' up with rage but they ain't gettin' above me
And after all the battles, the wins are no longer surprising
Pushin' bar after bar, takin' over the game, revolutionizing
Never thought of takin' help from others, see, I'm too proud
And every battle raises the volume of a voice speaking aloud
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Old 08-03-04, 02:26 PM   #4
Mr W.Rite
MyNd's Full
Mr W.Rite's Avatar
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Joined: Dec 2003
From: Atlanta, Ga
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IP: BA65 1F73

sorry guys but its only a matter of time before.....
well you know the rest...
Mr W.Rite
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Old 08-03-04, 03:41 PM   #5
Banned: biting
Tha~Pro.DiGy's Avatar
Posts: 113
Joined: Jul 2004
Status: Offline
Text Record: 2-5
IP: 4386 CA9B

i sign up everyweek and never get put in wats up with that?
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Old 08-03-04, 03:46 PM   #6
sporadic's Avatar
Posts: 154
Joined: Jun 2004
From: Swansea, Wales
Status: Offline
Text Record: 7-1
Audio Record: 0-0
Graphics Record: 0-0
IP: 6D2D 421B

signing up

Sporadic is BETTER than BigChase

Rapbattlesuk= Sporadic 3-0 BigChase

RapWarz 1-2 Punch League= Sporadic 3-0 Big Chase

Rapverse= No show Bigchase

Now Tell me whos better?

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Old 08-03-04, 07:02 PM   #7
Archeologist's Avatar
Posts: 2,365
Joined: Feb 2004
Status: Offline
Text Record: 25-6
IP: 240E 9124

Rascal's Predictions
Heavyweight Championship- [Champion]
Apotheosis (4-0)
vs. (3-0-1) [Challenger]JPoll
Middleweight Contendership Match-
Rascal(2-1-1) vs. Davinci (2-0)
Heavyweight Spotlight Match-
Polifick (2-1)
vs. Shabba Ranks (2-1-1)
Lightweight Contendership Match-
Durmil (2-1)
vs. Shadow(2-1)
Heavyweight Contendership Match -
Flash (3-1) vs. Vango (3-1) vs. Darklight (3-0)
Mr.W Rite(1-0) vs. Myster E(1-0)
KillaCamFlow (0-1) vs. Mic-Wrecker
Heavyweight Spotlight match-
vs. BostonLyricist(3-1)
Perfect Shun (1-0) vs. Willy Dexter(1-0)
Premanition (2-2) vs. Triple N(2-1)
Mad Dog(1-1) vs. LyricalOnSlaught(1-0)
MarvolousJ1009 vs. Paramik
Middleweight Contendership Match-
vs. Raw material(2-0)
Flow Intelligent (0-1) vs. Sten Cell
Lightweight Contendership Match-
Superior(1-0-1) vs. Young Duke (2-1-1)
Complex Illness(0-1) vs. Caliph (0-1)
Manipulation vs. !Riff Raff!
Kronuz vs. Motif

..I Do Not Predict My Own Matches..
RapVerse Dream Team Member
Old 03-12-06, 12:12 AM   #8
New to RV
Infamous22's Avatar
Posts: 19
Joined: Mar 2006
From: Buffalo,NY
Status: Offline
Text Record: 0-0
Audio Record: 0-0
Graphics Record: 0-0
IP: E22F 07CC

i'm a jump on dis beef n rock u infants asleep/woke up da beast da rapverse tryarant/animal uncaged,full offesive rampage hit hard as slugs pusded fcrom out a sawwedy mosberg gauge/thug most critically acclaimed for lett'n my hammers blaze/shots always hit neva does a sniper graze/i've been thru every stage,n still none of ya'll busta's stand up/this goes out to every scary bitch nigga rapverse city cuz'n whats up!!

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