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Old 11-12-13, 09:19 AM   #1
Soar Kaid
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To whom it may concern

IP: 0AB2 0490

I'm david / I help run heaven with an iron fist
Brotha's how couldn't I be / runnin with all this
With the super powers / vision / that makes me vicious
Who's the sickest wit the raps to make me a menace
But now I aint concerned
God gave me yall as bait to burn
For 10,000 years we had to wait our turn
I became a rider as I rolled through this genious age
Just tellin yall the sides changed
While I rode through this demon range
We're making war / until god ends the shame
Either we live in peace or get in the deepest flames
The fightin they see from heaven needs ta stop
Drop the keys from over seas that feed da block
Yall criminals / no wonder yall weed is hot
Like I said if you don't change yall can keep ya plots
If any of yall rappers shoot me for tellin the game
God'll shove his fist in ya chest leave you wailin in pain
This is Dave from Revelations the demons with serpents to haters
Makin these gangstas toss more flags than the oakland raiders
Until Yall give the light back to god yall is finished
I guess this is what you get for makin me a menace

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