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Old 09-25-03, 09:26 PM   #1
...Fuck With That!
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From: Splivit Jams Inc.
Forum Rules

IP: 4451 D29A


1.. Before u make a thread, make sure u "vote" on other people battles. A Minimum of 2 links are required. So Please Dont fuck wit me!! Because i will delete any post that his no links of people whom u voted of. (Yes i will make sure i will check the link bitches)

2. Its A MUST to have a Poll in your battle. Battles with no polls will be automatically deleted. If your thread gets deleted i will personally send u pm to tell you why.

3. Due date are important. Check ins arent important to me, due dates are. If your thread dont have a due date. I will pm you to add due dates in 2 days if not bye bye thread Deleted.

4. If a person drops a verse before the due date, and other kid doesnt. It automatically = to shows and that = to a Loss. The polls will read "5-0" for the kid who showed.

5. If none of you fuckaz show. I make sure the battle thread is deleted. If you still want to battle you can set up a new battle.

6. If battle gets slept on for 30 days. The kid with the most votes automatically wins. If it is a tie then i vote for the tie breaker. FYI i cant look at all battles please send me pm to let me know if that happens.

7. If you have a problem with a member, report it to Admins. Don't Clog battle threads. if you do this i will simply delete your posts and sort your faggot ass out.

8. Thread tittles, when you post a new thread. please dont be stupid and use this example wisely. (Example: Some dude vs. Some dude)

9. Votes Must Be Explained , No One Line Reply's Like "This was sick" For the kids who wanna ride someones dick, 1st u will be warned 2nd banned.

10. Your battle its "Must" have Specific Time Limit (ex: 1-3mins).
No time limits and u will be disqualified. Unless you and your apponent agree on something. Send me pm.

Updated- DV
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Old 07-09-05, 06:25 AM   #2
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From: Chicago,IL
Having Problems?

IP: CF4E 8780

If Have Problem with anything in the battle forums?

The Basics
Click to have a Vote Removed

Click To Report a Dickrider

Click If You Caught a biter

Click if You Need a Battle closed

^^Those Are the Basics...if it is SUPER important and needs attending to ASAP then feel free to PM one of the Mods.

Good Claim vs. Bad Claim

Bad Claim:

yo check this out people didn't follow the rules:

Good Claim: Check this link out, dixie had an invalid one line vote.
-balam balam i treat yall like cans of spam

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I Live the Lifestyle You Want to Live

Secret Society/Cut Throat
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