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Feeble Minded
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Must Read : I.R. Rules

IP: 6236 079F

1. Don't make new threads in this forum for ANY reason. It will be deleted and ignored. If you repeat this, you will be BANNED!

2. Don't PM me or any other I.R. agents regarding biters, etc. thats what this forum is for.

3. Don't worry about freeposting, it happens, only report extreme cases of this. I.E. Text how he just typed in blahblahblahblah, that is bannable, not any other shit.

4. Have faith in the system, Our agents are experienced and know what is really a crime. Don't Bitch

5. Post complaints in the thread relevant to that complaint !
i.e. , don't post freepost complaints in "elite/ front lines problems"

6. if somebody posts a complaint about you, we do not want to hear why they are wrong blah blah blah. this only leads to 10 more posts from each of you about why the other is wrong. If an i.r. mod does not understand why or needs to hear your complaint to fully understand the story we will ASK FOR IT. IF a mod handles your battle and you feel they are acting incorrectly based on they didn't hear your side of the story, you may pm them. pm telling your side, IF you have read and understood the rules. if you know that there is a reason, a rule you broke, for the mods actions, dont even bother, you are wasting our time & we may not handle complaints from you in the future.

The Threads In This Forum

1. Elite/ Front Lines thread : this is for claims of changing polls cuz people didnt poll, opponents no showing and you want it closed becuz of that, people not following rules set in battles, and people having to many battles up at once . (2 max for each battle forum)

2. mod complaints: complain of a mod abusing powers. do not be afraid to post in here, you cant be banned for doing this .

3. Dickriding thread: claims of dickriding only.

4. Hate voting : claims of hate between you and someone who voted against you.

5. Caught a Biter? - leave links of the battle you caught a biter in, and a link where they bit from. if they bit from a song, say so and which one... if you know they bit it from a song but cant remember which, or who's.. say so in there and the mods will review it.

6. anything else : anything that does not fit into any of the above threads.. do not just post in there for everything. only if your not sure, or it
leave links for all claims !

Last edited by Feeble Minded : 01-03-04 at 04:37 PM.
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