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New Battle System How-To

IP: C509 832C


Setting up a battle is now easier than before. In a battle forum, click the New Thread button and you will be taken to the next page to set up your battle, with the house rules already filled in. Change the rules as you see fit, scroll down and paste your opponent's name into the Option 1 box, leaving your name in Option 2. Next determine if you want to leave the default post requirement or increase it for your battle. After that, decide the times you want people to check in and to drop their verse, in minutes. After the battle is setup, all battler interaction will be completed in the first post of the thread (the rules post). You will check in and drop your verse in the form in that post. Posting your verse as normal will not work.

Here are the current situations and what happens with the automated battle closing / disqualifying system:

Either opponent not checking-in in time = Battle Closed
Both opponents check in, but do not post their verses in time = Battle Closed
Both opponents check in, but one misses the deadline = Disqualification

Once you have checked in, you signify that you accept to the rules and the verse due time is set in stone. If you cannot drop your verse in time or disagree with the rules, do not check in by declining the battle or check in later. We will not be manually closing battles using the new system anymore in RB Complaints as everything is automated.


When both opponents has dropped their verses, the BATTLE indicator in the thread listing is changed to dark blue from light blue (old battles are light blue too). To vote, read the verses and post your feedback in the field inside the post containing the verse you want to vote for and then click the Vote button. Since the verses are anonymous, you will not be able to tell who the poster is (to prevent D/R) so if you want to mention what the other guy did wrong, you'd have to say "The other guy.......". If you want to leave feedback, click the feedback button instead of the vote button. Your post will be noted on whose verse you had voted / left feedback on.
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