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Old 03-09-13, 12:28 PM   #1
Shots Fired
vs Shots Fired

IP: DF87 7643

Hey yall,im new to this site,was on sixshot and then migrated to netcees. So some of yall must know me (The ones from sixshot should know better ahaha) Battling on facebook atm. I had this battle on facebook against this dude called RICK BLACKADDER RUDE. And i think the voting on facebook is kinda meh. No one gives breakdowns except some and dickride people who have been battling there since a long time. Thats why i decided to post my verse here.

His verse

Okay, this Barney stunt double thinks he POPS TEAMS AND DROPS FIRE but I'm a tell y'all straight up that this FLOP'S DREAMING STOP LIAR, you pissed Ricky off so i GOT MEAN MY DROPS FRY YA and they ain't saying your name when the COPS SCREAMING " SHOTS FIRED"
(Josh has a pro called shots fired which is also his signature on his drops)
Lemme flex, you don't wanna battle me my RHYMES ARE DANGEROUS when my * fifth speaks* this * prick tweaks* like a DIME OF CAINE OR DUST, you wanna * get live* I'll * spit five* my NINE WILL FLAME AND BUST if you ain't Rane why y'all never on SIMULTANEOUS?
Lemme give it to you straight MAN YOU SUCK my * Tec'll hit you* then I'll * let the pistol* BLAM YOU'RE FUCKED, I'll straight up smack you like a hoe open HAND YOU UP you're "outta pocket" but you got protection " AND DREW LUCK"
I'll make you share your thoughts when I SPIN THIS FIFTH, or shove the barrel up your ass and preTEND IT FITS, I got 45s that are faggots meaning they'll BEND THIS PRICK my .22 will " break and wreck kids"(breaking records) like it's EMMITT SMITH
I'm an animal with frees I'm going WILD ON FOOLS plus I heard Josh was gay he likes to PILE ON DUDES," Rick is Rude" for a reason prick I'm VILE AND CRUEL how you like that Josh? faggot I just "STYLED ON YOU"
(Josh has a profile named Josh styled on you)

expos- He is fat,hes like 50 and text battles on the net.

Its a fact that...
This Human Shrek cant pen some DOPE STUFF N NICE RAPS DUDE/
I mean hes a biter..a guy that be -jacking some rhymes-
So instead of points,lets put his -''Dads Dick'' on ''Line''-
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd lo....this OLD FUCK WILL ''BITE THAT TOO''/

(^On the line/On the line...get the double meaning?) (He bit Jamies lines and admitted it in my inbox)

http://sphotos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-a ... 1063_n.jpg

No lie..Your SCRIPTS BE WHACK..so how can U ever KILL ME FAG?/
And damn Yall,this giant ass gorilla be FRIKKIN ''FAT''/
This lazy fuck cant ''contribute shit to the earth''
So he did the next best thing...
Entered our battle thread n ''recycled'' his ''SHITTY RAP!!!''/

http://tinyurl.com/d625eyu His first bar
http://tinyurl.com/c7oarvo His second bar

Didnt plan to say this,but U got Scott's head UP IN UR ASS/ True
Hairy bastard...please try and CUT UR MUSTACHE/
See,Ur ugly..So if this is a ''Rude Awakening''....
Lemme just say Your ''PICS ARE'' ''BUGGING ME'',FAG/

(Pics Are/Pixar.Yall know the Bug which jumps in that Pixar thing?)
(Read Nero's comment- http://tinyurl.com/aou6bqs)

So why is this OLD MAN IN THE CLUB..I mean for real,why is BLOKE ACTING HES DRUNK
Old man with young people? Hahaha, Youll prolly be SAYING THAT ''SHITS FALSE''/
But its not...U should literally SWAY back home''..I know U are ''Homeless'' but i dint mean U to ''SWAY'' IN THE ''INBOX''/

(Homeless Peeps live in some cardboard Boxes.Also inbox/messages)

Hes a biter,recycler,a cheat & an ugly fuck ''Ha,Why he rapping?''
...Im spitting ''Hot Lava''...See my SCRIPTS QUITE A SINISTER/
Hes known for BLOWING GEEK MEN..
And this ''Old Fuck'' is a ''Loser''..thats why he ''begs for VOTE IN PMs'' like hes ''DICK RIDING MINISTERS''/

http://postimage.org/image/43sxjz2en/ <<< him asking for votes
(Hawaii Rapping...Vote in PMs/Votin PMs/Prime Minister)

Minimum posts to vote: 20

Check in by: 03-12-13 at 12:28 PM

Must drop verse in 4320 minutes after check in.
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