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To the lil girl who tryin to mess w/ mah man.

Lil girls these days,
tryin to play this playerette whoís set in her ways.
Come on girl, you were my friend, now
you go behind my back to try to land my man again?
Did you not get the hint the last time we met?
I told you get the hell outta here before I crumple ur face
for the best.
Awww lil girl, all sad and lonely, keep messin w/ other girlís
guys you be up in room 212 on a ventilator girlie.
Yea we all know ur squirrelly ,
do anything that walks probably cripples not only.
You messed wit the wrong girl, cuz Iím a woman scorned,
by lil bias like you who think you are the best borned.
Give me a minute let me tear u down to shreds
are you too cowardly to get off your back and stand up off the bed?
Damn girl you need some help,
I know you got Prozac but hell what else?
With ya wannabe whatever u dress like, look like Kelly Osborne on a
LONG ass night.
Ya know it wonít take long for me to whoop your ass...but you ainít
worth the time.
The effort not even, barely a rhyme
No respect for anybody, not even for yaself, you act like you are THE
ONE in the world, who da hell is gonna wait for you u elf?.
You say you have many talents when in fact you have none,
Well maybe one: the ability to be the worst playerette I have ever seen if there is one.

Retired Playerette for the betta~~~~~~~

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