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Old 08-30-05, 03:26 PM   #1
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"The Balancing Act"

IP: 3240 794D

I Tiptoe, Ever So Quietly I Walk,
Eyes Wide Daring All Light To Fight Them.
Hair Greasy, A Film Of "What For?" Chalks
Each Strand To A Steady Position From Top To Stem.
Its Dark... An Ebony Embrace Nearly Chokes An Aura.
The Blackness Itself Could Drive One Insane.
An Aimless Stride In The Same Direction My Life, Unsure Of
Everything. I Know Not If My Eye Lids Are In Fact Even Rased.
Then That's It... I Reach The Border, The Final Step
Before My Body Collides With Defeat.
I Reached The Limit. Something I Wished Didn't Actually Existed.
But It Did, Does. Tangible As My Fear This Obstacles Reach.

Then I Wake Up. But?... I Wasn't Sleeping.
How Does One Awake If A Conscious State Was Never Actually Eluded?
As I Go To Wipe A Mystery From My Eyes I Freeze, Then
Look Down To See This Extravagant Jacket I'd Been Given.
I Marvel At Its Metallic Elements... I Go To Reach For Them
Only To Realize My Hands In fact Had Been Bound.
B- But I Want Them... Oh How I Ever So Do,
How I'd Love Just For A Moment To Fiddle About With These Objects.
Erratically I Tug But No Matter How Useless The Effort.
I, The Puppet Master Of One's Self,
Sit Tangled In My Own Strings Struggling To Work This Marionette.
ME PLAY WITH THEM!!! I Promise, Just For A Moment... Please.
Suddenly The Wall Parts Its Own Way,
As An Angel Steps, Cloaked In White... Vibrance Illuminating
From This Figure Obscurely Placed Within The Gash In The Wall.

Nurse: Mr. Delaney, I See You're Having Some Troubles... Hm, Well... Its Medication Time. Please Open Your Mouth.

The Angel's Mouth Moves Mysteriously,
Natural In Its Ways Of Movement, Slightly Crouching
Before Its Paws Artistically Pounce Upon Each Articulation.
I Can't Make Out Its Words, But Its Sweet Lullaby
Of Mumbles Swim Across My Ear Drum As If In A Pool Of Silk.
Never Beating This Aged Drum, Yet, Simply Caressing It
Just Enough To Hear The Beautiful Hymns Of Angels.
It Places Its Fingers Just Adjacent My Mouth,
Slowly They Make They Way Across The Dessert Of Age
Before, At Last My Mouth They Touch...
A Drop Of Water To Quench The Thirst Of A Thousand Men.
She Then Opens My Mouth And Places It In,
It... I Know Not What "It" Is, Only That The Lord Has Decided It Is Mine For The Taking.
So I Question Not Its Relevance Or Meaning.

*One Hour Later/Waking Up*

Hmm, I- Im An Intellect... Scholar Of All That Is Beauty,
Yet I Sit Here... The Elevation Of Man On The Tip Of My Tongue
Yet Locked In A Box Is The Greatest Secret Untold.
If Only I Could Control My Mind, My Visions, My Whole
Delirious Fucking Waste... Years I've Spent,
Kissing The Thought Of Freedom Good-bye Everytime
She Actually Takes A Form For Me To Touch.
Im Not Sane, I Accept This, But Only If There Were Another Way.
A Way To Hold Onto This Intuitive, Sane Side That Is Me.
Rather Than Getting Lost In Seas Of Insanity's Tears.
But That Will Never Happen, This Is I Forever And Always.
Just A Toy In This Echa-Scetch Assembly Line Lined
With Twisted Knobs Leading To A Crooked Futures Side.
The Balancing Act In A Two Ring Circus Just...
Looking For Steady Footing On A Thread Of Sanity That Never Was.

Im On The Border, Brink... Lost In Myself.
This Is I, Forever And Always... And Alone I Accept It Myself.

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Old 08-30-05, 06:47 PM   #2
<<-Carpe Noctum->>
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wow, this is beautifully written. vivid imagery,your pieces are timeless, glad to see you posting in here atty..long time no see.



*Poetic Scriptures Moderator*
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Old 08-30-05, 06:58 PM   #3
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!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! ITS FLIPPING FLUIDMOON!!!

Lolmao I Havent Seen Or Heard From You In Foreeeeeever
... Brownnumber18, IM Me Sometime
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Old 08-31-05, 11:31 PM   #4
Light Weight
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As a newcomer to the Poetic part, ur work is awe-inspiring*dreams 2 b like u* lol. But very very good imagery and everything...all i can say is wow.

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Old 09-01-05, 06:19 PM   #5
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ye i beautiful drop a real vivid images with great imagation....another great drop!!!
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Old 09-01-05, 08:47 PM   #6
Do Re Mi
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wow.. that was amazing..
the first stanza was my favorite..
the rest was outstanding too though
def one of the best ive read.. keep em coming

crhyme sindicate

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Old 09-05-05, 12:11 PM   #7
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Thanks Alot For The Feedback
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