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Old 08-04-05, 06:46 AM   #1
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Write To This Picture: August '05

IP: 33DE 730C

Write to this picture by Hector Lopez for August:
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Old 08-06-05, 01:14 AM   #2
Light Weight
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From: Bootheel Missouri
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Damn, smoked too much weed last night, ol boy looks like he's stretch man ight?
what am i to do? How do i get down from this high, man he looks so far off the ground.
Feet pounding the pavement, my home boy dishin, I can't even move, but I'm really wishin
that I could play this game, but I don't know, home boy look like stretch armstrong.

Sig Provided by: Christianite

3 nails + 1 cross = 4given
No matter how good you are there's always someone better.
I'm not the status quo stereotype you want me to be.
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Old 08-06-05, 02:28 PM   #3
New to RV
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IP: 7156 2710

I am way too good for this dude
Me, come on, I have been doing this for years
I think I need greater challenges now
I get the same washed up, outdated rookies to go against
This is just too easy, or maybe it is just me
When you are this good, everything below you seems so insignificant
Do not get me wrong though
I am not arrogrant, for I worked really hard to reach this level
Longs nights, early mornings, middays, afternoons and evenings...
Definitely, if there is one thing you learn from me, if you want it, you must work for it...
Have fun too, for if this was not fun, it would not be my vibe. I would have done otherwise
Gone other places... Did something else
But I have always been very good at sports, it is in my blood...
Got that from my moms who use to watch everything I did before she died...
Now, that she is gone, I still want to make sure she is proud of me...
And that my wife and my daughter is also proud of me...
I am about to take this to the next level...
Hope you enjoy the show...
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Old 08-07-05, 02:54 AM   #4
New to RV
PhreeNapdizzle's Avatar
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Joined: Aug 2005
From: PA
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IP: F9A3 F671

Ill come back with a free for this one.. but before i noticed that the picture of july was closed.. i wrote one about that.. so check it out and give me feed.. ill be back soon with one for this..

A pictures provided..
when no minds are decided..
your thought's as blind as mine is
hes tryin hard to find his cuz he thinks thats! where the prize is
now lyin bored in demises.. for flyin for no surpises
the reflection gets-him realizin that its a path for direction
its got intentions to catch him but the detections a bitch
cuz see this little pond of water's traveled to let him switch
back to the person he used to be..
it hurt n abused his sleep till he bursts with renewing dreams
his hurt was reduced it seems, re-embercin with all the scenes
he saw the reflections of space and life over human bei-ings
he held up his face and wished of place beyond all the stars
but raced into all his shame and was discraced by all his scars.
The best things in life are Phree..


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Old 08-07-05, 03:12 AM   #5
New to RV
PhreeNapdizzle's Avatar
Posts: 98
Joined: Aug 2005
From: PA
Status: Offline
Text Record: 2-2
IP: F9A3 F671

This is just some pethetic peice of shit i wrote cuz im bored.. im rappin as the dude in the blue shirt playing against the other guy.. have fun.. leave feed

Whos about to get ready to get plenty scores against me?
I rock the blue shirt.. with a cool skirt.. now jump the fence, bet me
ill loose all my money let me just to go on funny stepping up in the courts
and for it, i'll ignore it, just keep the score of it..
I like to act tough and fancy but actualy im just pansy
cant u see the grin im givin you?... please start de-pants-ing
all these ants in my pants are chanting for a family tree to be branchin
in this very park a scary start, lemme cough up this cherry "barf"
im done with it take this ball n just run with it..
have fun with it.. it aint mine your running off with someones shit.
The best things in life are Phree..


Current Battles - (leave some feed)

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Old 08-11-05, 11:19 AM   #6
New to RV
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IP: 2029 97B3

you betta pop that rock, from where ya shakin in ya socks
ya never penetrate my block enough to get a decent shot
you better just run the other way, keep grinnin like your gay
ill smack that ball up out your hands and take that shit away
your not prepared for me, that why ya not close to winnin yet
ill break ya leg off of your ankle and smoke it like a cigarrette
you throwin up enough bricks to build anotha great wall
ill make ya steam stall, step again i gaurantee youll fall

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Old 08-12-05, 01:10 PM   #7
pain is weakness leaving the body
chip's Avatar
Posts: 754
Joined: Jul 2005
From: 614 (Ohio)
Status: Offline
IP: 4673 04CC

all these people watchin', i gotta make it
see his ankle twistin', i gotta break it
go left, no fake left then go right
drivin' the lane, no defense in sight
all them people watchin' us it must be tough
for him, that's what i thought right before i got stuffed,damn

"I don't want to be deep... I want to feel deep and use that feeling to express depth itself..."

my poetry:
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Old 08-13-05, 05:55 AM   #8
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Joined: May 2005
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IP: A181 D033

Baller with the headband
Baller with the 'fro

hey duuude, why what big feet you got........
daymn straight all the better to take this jump shot
Like my kicks?
yeah they hot i saw them in that sports shop
200 bone thats like a couple straight weeks of sellin pot

Nah i got job now, got my shit shit legit
Uh huh! in that case how come your left shoe don't fit
Okay you got me! I tried to jack it, got the wrong size
When i ran i saw the man laughin, didn't know why
At the time, so basically i'm feelin kinda duh
for real
Take your mind off your stupidity smoke a toke, shit's ill

Oh shizzle!!!Yeh my po be off tha heezy
oh shit stop tokin man you gotta tak it eazy

Yo famlaaaay how'd we get so daymn tall, cool
Haha what you on about nigga pass tha ball...........
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Old 08-17-05, 07:38 PM   #9
Crazy Hades
Just searching.
Posts: 6,015
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IP: 3240 794D

A battle wages on the court as the black silhouettes of a sort
stared, the war commencing, ball going to the other court.
But this battle was not played on the field made of asphalt,
but in minds of lives of the players, feet disturbing drawings in chalk.

One juked child support so that his ex couldn't afford to survive,
and the other charged his problem full force so he could provide.
One would hide behind his slick moves and his useless show,
but we know the moves are pointless if you handle them too slow.

On the right side stood the father watching his son's aggression,
briefly addressing that his son's responsibility was his life lesson.

Beside him stood the child watching the two separate figures,
studying their moves, watching the groove...
one's lesson was a real weapon with a real trigger.

The others were merely spectators to this one epic sport,
because all faults are set aside, when you're on the court.
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Old 08-19-05, 12:39 PM   #10
Middle Weight
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Posts: 419
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From: New Haven, CT
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IP: F11E 3363

first lecture, break u 'til ya neck hurts//
travelin vetern, crossover more than John Edwards//
I get better wit every second of effort//
shoot the jumper, u can feel my urine's texture//
gargle and get burned leave contenders injured//
referred wit winners, always blurred in pictures//
automatic victor, test and have ya rep ruined//
compared to squares? we can never be congruent//
flow like fluid, take advantage and abusive//
that even on freeze frame u can't tell if I'm movin//
no mercy jus ruthless, all game no excuses//
and u keep gettin traded like Jesus and Judas//
Lyrical Rapsody

Last edited by WillNova : 08-19-05 at 12:53 PM. Reason: not finished
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Old 08-28-05, 12:37 PM   #11
Light Weight
Posts: 189
Joined: May 2005
From: 201
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Blacktop courts, to spectators, seem like one big stage
Where they gather to witness intense battles engage
Flocked around the cage to see the balla's showcase of skill
To disregard their concerns, to feel relaxed and chilled
Loud cheers piercing over music blaring on the sideline
Where other balla's are boasting on, waiting for thy're chance to shine
Kids hooked to the action, watching in amazement and awe
Dribbling on the sideline, imitating the moves they saw
Hearts throbbing, palms damped with sweat as he steps on the court
Trembles slightly as he walks, here the finest battles are fought
But still, face blank of emotions, he ready for war
Dont want others to realize he's nervous, that'll be his downfall
The game teeming wwith intensity since the ball was checked
Nice moves, trashtalking, hard fouls was all in full effect
Posterizing dunks and crossovers got the crowd adoring,
Nothing but ceaseless action and back and forth scoring
Game is tied, next team that scores will be victorious
Both teams are fatigued but cant afford to lose focus
An old guy got the ball and advanced upcourt swiftly
Double-teamed at halfcourt, but breached through it easily
Tried to drive the lane and dunk to bring the game to an end
Until a young balla cut him off and stepped up to defend
Had a fiery look on his face that said he meant business
But the old man smiled with confidence like he was meaningless
Crosses to shake the kid away and bring things to a cease
But before he knew it, the ball was away from his reach
Turns around to see the kid dribbling upcort hastily,
Then soaring thru the air, taking it to the hole fiercely
On his way home, he recalls the old man sayin
"Nothin but respect for you young blood, keep on playin"

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