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Old 06-27-03, 05:57 PM   #1
The End
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There are to be no new threads made inside of this forum, other than those created by Mods.

-- Do not freepost in this forum. If you are typing something that isn't a rhyme, it will be deleted. If you continue to do this you will be banned.

-- Do not put just 1 line cyphers. This is also considered freeposting, and will not be tolerated. Most cypher's will have a 6 line minimum or more.

-- Read what the cypher thread is about. Make sure that you stay on topic, & don't jack the cypher up for the peep's that drop after you.

-- Do not post jibberish.. If you don't know how to rhyme, or rhyme with some sort of reasoning, take your ass to Wackness Emergency Center.

-- If you do not leave a weapon/movie/topical your verse will be deleated and possible banning This is your warning

-- Follow the rules within' this thread and the cypher thread's, if any.. Not following these rules will result in serious consequences repercussion's...

-- 5.0 Rule When a cypher reaches 500 posts it will be closed and a new thread will be made.

*EDITED*Rules were hard to read...
*EDITED* New rule added...
- The End -
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Old 02-21-05, 12:37 AM   #2
Whys That?
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If you do not follow these rules you agree to be banned!
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Old 07-02-05, 01:25 PM   #3
Sean Gunner
GG Haterz
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New rule added. Please follow all rules.

Originally Posted by Twisted Visions
50 nickle=less than 50 cent, go back to school you idiot
For Anyone Who Wants to Talk to Me

^^I think this explains my view on gangster rap perfectly.
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