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Old 06-11-06, 12:49 AM   #1
Whys That?
Posts: 2,005
Joined: Sep 2004
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Keystyle your heart out

IP: 5285 DC82

6 Line minimum.
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Old 03-12-07, 06:42 PM   #2
Daubs's Avatar
Posts: 10,604
Joined: Sep 2004
From: Salford
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IP: 8281 F4EE

no jokes man, when i flow bars
i got you under the thumb like remotes are
and im so hard im pictutre perfect,
a real artist, call me mozart
bring ya bitch,il banger like old cars
have her steamin like cold cans
and il denture face like an old mans
spit hot but i got cold bars
so no man,
dont talk like you cum from the slums
only time ya poppins when
my sharp bars puncture your lungs
your nothin your done,
cant fight so youll run for a gun
your nothin hard
fire bullets
il dodgem like a bumper car
youll need protection,
like what rubbers are
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Old 03-14-07, 02:21 PM   #3
New to RV
Posts: 67
Joined: Feb 2007
From: rancho cordova CA
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IP: 67A2 2BD3

ill serve you slugz from my nine like its escargo,
im in the hyphy movement so tell me when to go,
tell me when to flow,
got my glock cocked back, tell me when to blow,
ill throw your bitch in the dirt cause she aint nothin but a hoe,
and bury her alive so she dies miserable and slow,
turn you back on me and it well be a disaster,
cause ill splater your brains all over the plaster,
ill i do is murder folks cause thats all ive known,
now im bout to kill some more fools and go get blown.
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Old 03-17-07, 08:33 PM   #4
Banned: Biting
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Joined: Jun 2006
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IP: 1217 B577

Look man how do i say this?
matter of fact,
someone give me the gat an i'll show you how to spray clips
mentaly darenge kid,
with more killing cases then that murder she worte bitch
gentally how do i flow this,
you got more copyed idea's then bootleger who sold disk
you just mad cuz i stay on top of your playing filed like a crow bitch
so when i cut you some slack,
i'll use your rib meat to help your kids grow quick
an your girl like 'mental thoughts', cuz she 'always on my head'
so at night before you 'sleep' an you feel the 'wet sheet,'
..........all u'll think its just Drull on the bed
i'll snatch the jewls off ya head, and lay you down like we knew u was dead
so as these homo thugs keep acting an they try to stunt
i'll show you how a bitch can be leak blood twice a month mother fuckah.....

ya boy ransum holla at me...

Last edited by Ransum : 03-18-07 at 12:09 AM.
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Old 03-26-07, 02:27 PM   #5
Banned: Biting
Posts: 1,289
Joined: Jun 2006
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IP: 27E7 9FF9

i guess i gotta get back at it like a crack addict
got feeling's??? then im gonna look at ya heart and take a stab at it
toss your body in the attic first i gotta cruse throu the traffic
shit came to a quick stop... the police behind me shit starting to get drastic
so i pull out the plastic grasp it just incase i go throu some harrasment
they pulled off finally at last kid,
but them some dude thought he was a gorilla till i got jurrasic
talking about murder so i streched hes mouth out like it was elastic
kick him in hes grill till hes teeth flip'ed out like they pratics gymnastic
saw him reach for hes pocket so i "pulled out" like i was about to "bust to fast" kid
then he started to run.. so i clicked the lazser on like a security system
shot one in the air and he thught that he knew that i missed him
but like Pimps in the street when it comes to Leaving HOés i know how to pick them
so i grab the BOLD EGALE that had him more shocked like when puberty hit him
he thought he got away like a few of my victom,
but bullets like dogs and he knew that i sickém till they biting hes ass like a pitbull vision
now this bitch understand how it feels to be a PAINS IN MY ASS
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Old 03-29-07, 03:28 PM   #6
Banned: Biting
Posts: 1,289
Joined: Jun 2006
Status: Offline
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IP: 27E7 9FF9

Look i just got locked up at roxibury in new jersey
got a pack with 27 bags got hit with DUI and attemp to distribute yea you herd me
had a fagget nigga in the same jail, till peep found out and fucking him aint The reason he yell's
tell ya story shorty, you probley aint got none bitch niggas always making shit up them-self
morris county aint shit to play with, dont get cought trying to spray shit
cuz u'll get 5 years off back plus a extra 1 year for each fucking shell in the clip
im mad as hell about to flip, SHIT thats why i got cought for trying to get some chronic to flip
shit went sour on a nigga, had my shorty in the car plus a 40 of old english next thing you know cops had me in the pricent ready to strip,
me naked fucking faggets i couldnt take it, talking real life story not no fake shit
where so called thugs that got no heart all of a sudden turn straight bitch
if i do time in here i hope i make it,
the worst part is taking a shower an having to get naked
at-less there a door that covers the mid section of your body
but there dudes in there doing life, so the only thing they checking out is your body
in jail you have nobody, to back you up help fight or even talk to
i've seen dude get beat up for a T.V channel even got jacked for they lunch food
even the C.O talk toy ou how they want to,
only thing the criminials and c.o agree with is petafiler's so they let everyone jump dude

to be continue.....

i got things to do before i have to go to court to find out my bid....

holla at ya boy ransum....

morris county section b2 cell 14 number: 031404 415
holla at ya boy!.....
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Old 04-02-07, 08:41 PM   #7
The Write Weight
Posts: 449
Joined: Feb 2006
From: Word life = Poetry... bringing words to life.
Status: Offline
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damn you boys be wack, get smacked then i'd kill you
gay mother fuckers, lack a lot of shit, including skill dude
I love to eat cake, I ain't gay, but I'll eat you for breakfast
I'm bigger than bad, I'm the nipple on the tity of fake breast
safe sex bitch, put a condom on your head, struggle to death
I could merk all of you, read these words.. "you are the best"
because thats your bible, now fuck off before I get tribal
yall talk some fake shit, and I spit about survival.
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Old 04-03-07, 08:05 PM   #8
New to RV
Posts: 89
Joined: Mar 2007
From: Boston
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IP: D6D4 88D8

i'll execute you on site wit no passion
kinda like denzel in training day jus no actin
completley kill you like when the barrell is empty
have you on a da west coast wit X like cum pimp me
jona-- who more pussy than man is what i see
so i think ya character in the bible has a discrepancy
*****************e XTENSIVe ************************
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Old 04-09-07, 05:57 AM   #9
New to RV
Posts: 67
Joined: Feb 2007
From: rancho cordova CA
Status: Offline
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i dont give a fuck what you think about this ryme im bout to spit,
cause its about a girl that i know and this chick is the shit,
i take a look in her eyes and see nothin but passion,
so hott she has cars drivin down the streets swervin and crashin,
and im just laughin, cause i know that shes all mine,
havin a girl this beautifull should be considered a crime,
even if it was a crime i wouldnt even care,
she got the softest skin and the most gorgeous hair,
and nothin in this universe can keep us from being side by side,
a few people have tried but unfortunitely for them they died,
cause im one of the protective and jealous type of guys,
when you talk to my girl you better stay lookin at her eyes,
and if your eyes stray and wonder to her chest,
ill be right there waiting to put a hollow point through your sweater vest,
and speeking of this girls eyes, i get lost in them for hours,
cause there more beautiful and greener than the grass after the april showers,
i was a lost boy but thanks to her ive been found,
im forever her servant till im six feet under the ground,
some may call that being whipped but i call that LOVE,
we go together like a hand inside a rubber glove,
she's got a body like a godess and the most soothing voice,
if i can marry any woman in the world, she would definitly be my only choice,
i used to smoke marijuana to get me high,
but now i get higher than any drug just when i see her walk by,
i get a head rush every time that we touch,
leavin me weak in the knees i need to hold myself up with a cruch,
i can hardly handle her beauty, sometimes i stop breathin,
i ask her how long we well be together and she says she's never laevin,
so you know what that means, i got this girl for life,
my prayers have been answered, i have found wife,
i may not have much but ill give ger my heart,
and live forever together till death do us part.
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Old 04-11-07, 03:14 AM   #10
New to RV
Posts: 67
Joined: Feb 2007
From: rancho cordova CA
Status: Offline
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IP: 3F9E 98B2

im a soldier thats been deployed to the city streets,
armed with my vocal skillz and some dope ass beats,
my mission is to take over the whole hip-hop scene,
makin you addicted to my style like a 12 year crack fien,
i pack a mac 10 and a bullet proof vest on my chest,
and i wont stop shootin or ryming till im recognized as the best,
i love the struggle and the fight up to the very top,
its ironic how i do so much dirt but someday i wanna be a cop,
just so that i can have the power and the control over all these people,
ive done so many evil things so im praying for forgiveness every day in the steeple,
but for some reason i dont think god has the time to listen,
cause i continuously steel the diamonds cause im drawn to the way they glisten,
i cant help myself from the demon i am coming to be,
so im yellin and screemin for someone to please help me,
but than again i dont want any help from you sucker ass fools,
im killin all people with power tools and dicthin them in empty swimmin pools,
let your body rot and become infested with maggots,
so just stay out of my way you stupid ass faggots,
i got an anger problem that i can not overcome,
ill beat your ass and i dont give a fuck what set your from,
cause gang life is just dumb and you all deserve to be killed,
i got a closet full of there heads and its starting to get filled,
im gonna have to move my collection into the guest room,
got tookie williams head stuck to the handle of my broom,
half the dudes who claim to be in a gang are just tryin to be hard,
well you wont be hard when i chop you up and bury you in my backyard,
so dont claim no gang when you associate with me,
cause i dont rep nothin but im still more gangster than youll ever be,
soon ill be the only person hittin the top charts,
and you well be livin on the streets pushin your belongings along in shopping carts,
take a look at my name bitch and remember it well,
cause im gonna be the one thats torturing you on earth and in hell,
gonna be like cant you take it easy on us dude gee wizz,
but fuck that bro cause than i wouldnt be gab grizz,
thats my alias when im on the microphone,
im just a dog in this world so throw me a freakin bone,
im done with this shit im bout to end it right hear,
and go smoke ten blunts and get fadded on some bear.
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Old 04-11-07, 09:42 PM   #11
Posts: 338
Joined: Mar 2007
Status: Offline
Text Record: 9-6
IP: 1E2E CA64

im willing to fight back enemies in sight attack/
have my weapon ready for battles to ignite combat/
steady ready to shoot fuck it i'll go all out/
dont challenge me cause like dehydrated runners you'll fall out/
im on the brink of snapping willing to eradicate/
styles i make quick with force my delivery dominates and devestates/
i can be dangerous like a weapons cashe of missles and ammunition/
so testing me is not smart like admitting the truth in investigations/
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Old 04-13-07, 10:34 PM   #12
Banned: Biting
Posts: 1,289
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IP: 688A 7D73

who the fuck is this cat thats about to get fryed and fed to hes family
who give a fuck if he spit from hes mouth, mines from a hand-squeez
im telling this lame to flee, or switch lanes and change speed
you dont really want to get me angry, cuz ya next birthday i'll be "in memory of" with a bullet place infront of ya cantine
im making ya pussy bleed like ya need it pads and pantys
whats bad, that its sad, ya body bag, holding ya down like ass-jeans
forget ya verbal attacts on cats that wack like a penus message
i'll penatrate ya fait and re-create ya wake to be ready before he resive hes job
bullets i'll take turn like door nobs and twist ya pours and clogg's
and sit inside ya chest with smoke that'll make it look like fog
its whatever........
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Old 04-14-07, 11:40 PM   #13
Ruthless Soulja
New to RV
Ruthless Soulja's Avatar
Posts: 32
Joined: Apr 2007
From: Medicine Hat
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IP: 27D3 5D82

I pick up slack dat yall fools leave bak
Wen u make a horrible attempt ta rap
Which results in yo self-confidence decreasin
Like air from a balloon witta hole, itd be peacin
Tha shit I write impresses the high rank emcees
If u tried ta reply, ud catch a mind blank disease
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Old 04-15-07, 05:35 PM   #14
Banned: Biting
Posts: 1,289
Joined: Jun 2006
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IP: 688A 7D73

THIS IS A REPLY TO Ruthless Soulja


everyone take a good look at this bitch thats man-ly
faget resemble a picture of elton john and stanly .... lol
get ready for a stampid from a bounch of puerto ricans in sandles
beef we love to handle and blow niggas out like birthday candles
so stay awake kid and never sleep on the job
or have ya face all blue like we hang'g a gang of SLOBS (bloods)
im prepared for the street that love to air out they beef
before they fest and eat up ya dinner plate while ya starve try'in to eat ya feet
aint shit sweet around here, but you'll still get boxed up like candy
and if you ever put ya hands towards me ya better be giving me a grammy
you dont fit in my shoes but you fitting to lose
am spitting at dudes that freestyle they written and say that its new
im ripp'in ya tounch out and whip'ing ya ass with it .....an if it FITS
then im taking it out shoving it in ya mouth then smacking ya head till ya spit some SHIT
you gotta be a FAGET... with 50 cent picture calling it Ruthless
you know noting about a convertable.... till bullets hit ya skull an make it roofless
who is this duffis, who rather bite shit an claim he do hits
only hit this bitch has... left hes face swollen with a ice-pack next to hes tooth-pick
im on some new shit, like i just left the potty
cuz im working on my punches like i exsercizing my body
grab ya shotty and get ready for war bitch.... yea you herd me
you just imatating the grate like the number on LABRON JERSEY (23 also jorden number)
pack ya bags and move on da fuck outta here, you want respect HA.. NOT IN HERE
rydeing on me? you better change like moutine gear and get STONED like we prep ya tomb THIS YEAR...... MOTHER FUCKAH....
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Old 04-15-07, 06:59 PM   #15
Ruthless Soulja
New to RV
Ruthless Soulja's Avatar
Posts: 32
Joined: Apr 2007
From: Medicine Hat
Status: Offline
Text Record: 0-1
IP: 27D3 5D82

Dumb Bitch ^^.....Fuck 50 I picked tha wrong one sucka.

Ya fail misserbly when I serve my beef cuz I like it hot,
need a cup of water to cool it down, bitch dats wat I thought.
Wit my heat on tha microphone, I break any thermometer,
spittin degrees at high temperatures much hotter.
Harsh consequences fuckin wit me, death by lyircal lashes,
throw ur body in tha pit and cremate it, turnin into ashes
Shoved deeper in the closet, stored in a small box,
all yo momma got now is yo pic in her necklace lock.
Look at dis muhfuckah, lemme read his birth card
"Bitch made niggah", definately soft, opposite of hard.
Fuck yo name, city, n crew, yall aint shit
Ill call ya a plumber cuz ill leav ya witta split (HAHA)
Im ready fo war, got souljas all over tha fuckin global,
dat worship me, their character is impressively noble.
My respect grows faster then healthy tree roots,
niggah I got chu scared ta death shakin in yo boots.
Ride up ta yo block wit a 12 guage, better pay doz papers,
got cha terrified, hidin from me behind ya curtain drapers.
I dont think yakno who tha fuck u be dissin,
on tha news, ya left wit stepped on toes n missin.
Dig ya hole 6 feet deep, put bak tha shovel
Throw ya in, fill it up wit dirt n rubble....
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