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Old 03-09-08, 04:05 AM   #181
Must not Sleep; Must Warn Others
Posts: 252
Joined: May 2007
Status: Offline
IP: FF05 7876

It could be a school night, and a mothafuckas still huggin the block
Chemistry project do in the mornin but I'm still movin the rocks
This white car tinted window's buggin, cuz the motherfucker moves then it stops
I'm finna bring my stolen glock and get some mad street props
MC's tryna feed off the style but I'm gifted
I'm sittin back gettin sick cuz all your styles just shifted
Few years ago it was all about reversed bandanas, gats and black cars
Now everybody wants to be a trap-star.

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Old 03-10-08, 12:05 AM   #182
Whys That?
Posts: 2,007
Joined: Sep 2004
Status: Offline
Text Record: 11-0
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IP: 967B 85BD

Get my Mr Genius of Rap on, Im bout to Pee on mother fuckers.

People In a position of power pause
I remain paybacks purpose piled on a porch
personaly I prefer panties, Im a player
progression patiently postponed on a prayer
peep the pregancy package I packed with pace
its pactitious Soul©, I use palaic phrases placed
poeticly set in pavement purchased in the pacific
punishments perectly pronounced never been peacenik
you know I proberly painted pictures In peurto Rico
Pussy punks pass plates, My writings are pederero
paybacks preached in poor places, I am peleus
pacs plots in pelican state, puff puff peplis

You just got Pee'd on.
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Old 03-11-08, 01:08 PM   #183
Banned: Biting
Posts: 1,289
Joined: Jun 2006
Status: Offline
Text Record: 16-12
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IP: 5233 A220

if the gun pop...it'll drop ya dome...
no rims.. but the metal like spining chromes...
im like the landlord... the way i get in homes...
like masterbation... i'll wait till u can get it alone...
run up on him like cheap material an let the hawk rip he's clothes...
smash he's hand with the hammer before he can get he's phone...
pour gas on he's face an spark so he's spit can maybe-hot...
like bannd games.. you dont wanna play me not...
cuz i'll squeez 21 in he's stomach like rabbies shots....
the kid hot now.... fuck what the game is saying...
ran like iraq-y kids... young with alot of spit when the ak is spraying...
fish-fi-ly ya grill... and have ya mama fill with jessus when her heart start praying...
but you know what im saying.. alot of new cats style to me got-old...
so i blast they spot and leave'em open like a pot-hole...
then smash they face and leave ya jaw-Broken like they dont got doe...
but i got those.. hollows... ripp'in ya apart..,
...so ruthless the pastor wounder if he GOT-SOUL...
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Old 03-12-08, 08:09 AM   #184
Escaped Cannabalism Emcee
Cannabarz-K.O.R's Avatar
Posts: 163
Joined: Sep 2002
From: Canada
Status: Offline
Audio Record: 0-0
IP: FB91 765D

but that's the cross roads, where thoughts get lost n a crop circle..
get held in a full nelson until the flesh on him rots purple....
fightin with greatness with the mic in his grip that's enticing the stages...
performing for lab rats, nothing but mice in their cages
then I recycle the pages of words scribed into stone...
my rivals are known, the rightfull king has arrived to his throne..
I'm the cannibalistic MC my bodys thriving for bones
the day I die is the time I leave these rhymers alone
until then, your alliance is shown..no mercy, I conquer the planet..
a bonker mechanic... to put your trivial thoughts into panic
run in your backyard, spin your dad and swing him off of his hammick
hiphops an international language how do you not understand it?
faggot... I cope forreal... never cockin a groping steal
killing the public as bodys feel up my stomach like kosher meals
I leave the fate of everyone one on your roster sealed
while your trying to stand up for yourself like a broking heel
if you haven't seen the signs of your failure your blind to the naked eye
you'll be a wack motherfucker until the day you die
I'm suprised you've been here and was able to stay alive
but now that C-A arrived, it's time for this homie to say goodbye


..Trust me, the rumors were true....you dont got a fucking chance. ..


..Jan 2007 Superior Cypher ..
..May 2007 Superior Cypher ..

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Old 06-06-08, 01:07 PM   #185
42-Keyz's Avatar
Posts: 110
Joined: Dec 2007
From: Chi Town
Status: Offline
Text Record: 0-0
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Graphics Record: 0-0
IP: 1B70 1429

im poised and got a different type of mindstate,
im in a grind race n tryna serve everything from alpines to bass
meaning speakers ta hard white
its a hard knock life so i got bullets bigger than knuckles wen i spark like
desert eagle knock a nigga whole shit back/
extended clip so wen he's killed it dont click clack
pardon my explicit content im just a kid that spit raps
AND choppas And'll leave a nigga mix matched
i talk shit yes
quick ta pull tha 5th out, squeeze and stick one to ya head like u got on a pin hat/
...get it?...i get the weight sample it n then bench press
my flow is nasty like insess, im sickness

42 Keez__Phenom1__SKePTiK

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Old 06-12-08, 09:22 PM   #186
Middle Weight
Posts: 582
Joined: Apr 2006
From: Where I sleep
Status: Offline
IP: A178 B6DC

no dis to kanye but i dont need no body niece
all i need is some herb to roll up and just release
just to let go of the stress and find a higher sense of peace
cause other than dro and kush, hip hop is my only releif
if i didnt have neither, you bitches wouldn't stand a chance
probably end up in a jail cell begging for one more chance
stay praying to god to keep this world's demons off my back
keep me on da right path, and stay on my ass when im slack
see these are the only things that keep me from going insane
take away the blood and all i got is music in my veins

It's hard being beautiful
but some one has to do it

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Old 06-17-08, 06:57 PM   #187
pain is weakness leaving the body
chip's Avatar
Posts: 754
Joined: Jul 2005
From: 614 (Ohio)
Status: Offline
IP: 3458 3BAB

i'm on my grind like the trucks are stuck to the rail
can't give up i'm doin it make it or fail
breakin the scales with the weight on my shoulders
but still comin up like a pebble if i make it a boulder
bolder yet is the flow i kick bet that it's somethin new
no bitin', seem like somethin new, just let it sink in
and i been thinkin... time has come, i know you waitin
i'm back, srry for the wait and thanks for your patience...

shouts to unfulfilled... fly pic

"I don't want to be deep... I want to feel deep and use that feeling to express depth itself..."

my poetry:
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Old 06-18-08, 01:34 AM   #188
Whys That?
Posts: 2,007
Joined: Sep 2004
Status: Offline
Text Record: 11-0
Audio Record: 2-0
Graphics Record: 0-0
IP: 967B 85BD

I stalk shop keepers, and take a one handed discount
dismounted a kids belt and hung him like ' hows this felt?'
Fuck'a metaphor, Ill settle scores with a clever pause
I got a set of four better flaws than severed door
make sense? nah, more like a few dollers a day
I shine through lifes clouds, like crepescular rays
in a few seconds Ill play a angelic harped tune
leave you full eclipse like the sun blocked by a dark moon
fat bitches can get a harpoon, run over by my car soon
reverse over them like, fuck one tyre, heres two!!!
I hear you, but your words dont mean a damn thing
take your girl out ya crib like, 'time for some moonlight dancing'
and if she isnt keen ill be Ill grab my cock like......
............. fuck it, Ill do the damn thing.


Last edited by Got Soul? © : 06-18-08 at 01:37 AM.
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Old 06-18-08, 04:29 AM   #189
Escaped Cannabalism Emcee
Cannabarz-K.O.R's Avatar
Posts: 163
Joined: Sep 2002
From: Canada
Status: Offline
Audio Record: 0-0
IP: E294 60EF

and pull a hamstring, by the time that I slide in
see it rising, she surpised by the size and
the width of the head, fuck the kissing you can lick it instead
fuck and roll around to you fall off the tip of the bed
see ya'll ain't ready for the shit that I kick in a thread
I just spit, grab ya nipples in the cypher and twist's till it's red
now run tell that, I've done sell crack
and smoke cigerettes to the point that my lungs swell black
now, I don't mess with this stuff it's an excellent bluff
for the folks, who do dope...and hit medicinal weed like the new coke
I a know a few blokes, or british guys that would snuff phenes
and fuck teens...kill em and throw their bodys right up streams...
let it float in the river, before you soak in it liquor
with a bottle of scotch down ya throat to ya liver
with tempatures so cold the very soul would just shiver
and refuse to shovel the very snow in the winter


..Trust me, the rumors were true....you dont got a fucking chance. ..


..Jan 2007 Superior Cypher ..
..May 2007 Superior Cypher ..

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