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Basics of rap battling.......

IP: 36FB C115

Whatsup, this is some stuff I've found all over the web that should help you become a better textcee.



Try to have your bars the same length.
Rhyme words will be at the same spot for the readers/listeners.


You want your syllables around the same. (stay around 12-15 syllables per line/bar).

For example (Not to do):

kidnapp yo girl and b!tch slapp that ho like Im a pimp/
cause you a wimp/

*See how it's uneven and dont flow smoothly/


Try not to rhymes words that are similar in sound or obviously sound/written. alike.
And dont use basic words, try to expand your vocaburlary.

For example (Not to do):

To me you ain't nothin but a snitch/
Now I realize that youare a b*tch/


*You can obviously infer that those two words sound alike and spell alike.
*Instead rhyme words that are not obviously alike.
*You dont always have to, but most of the time you should, if you dont want you rhymes to sound basic.


When you diss somebody you want to make it personal.
What that means it, say a diss you can only say to that person.
When in a battle flow is important, but it all comes down to the diss.
For Examples:

Lets say a textcee named "DVD" is battling a textcee named "MC Murder"

DVD (not to do):

your mommas a b*tch/
cause she suck d*ck/

*not only is that played out and basic, you can say that to anybody.
It can be directed at anyone.

DVD (what to do):

(His name is MC Murder, what can you say about him personally)

1) What could MC stand for?
2) What can I say about Murder?

sayin u roll on 22's, & roll with other stars/
when it fact "MC" stands for your mother's car/

you say you murder, like you commit homicide/
if I were in your shoes, I'll commit suicide/

*See I used his own name against him.
*I could have used that diss against others, but it's more effective when you use it against a textcee that have the name "Murder".

MC Murder:

(what could he say about DVD)

1) again!!! what could dvd stand for?
2) how can I use his name against him?
3) How can I use his rhymes aagainst him?
(When you go last it's a advantage because you get to say the last word, and you get to use there own rhymes against them.)


This cat is wack, I think I'll beat him with ease/
His name DVD, like he got a new found sexual disease/

Use his rhymes against him:


my mom's car? beat you again like covered up re-cycle/
Im not like you, I dont borrow my Lil brothers bicycle/

*when you are in an actual battle, you can diss there clothes or their looks, race, gender, hair, shoes, voice.

But this is textcee we can see each other. so be creative and look at their profile.
Use their name, country, their quotes, occupation. and use it against them.

I will post the rest later

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