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Battling 101 - Explained Perfectly.

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Battling 101

Alright in this thread I will be explaining how to compose a perfect battle verse, that will eventually lead to you winning more battles. First things first thou, we must throw out some battling rumors that have grown over the internet.

False Battling Rumors

1. Flow DOES matter in text. For example.

Opponent A .vs. Opponent B

Opponent A drops a solid verse, nothing ill but a nice verse that has a smooth flow and some nice punchlines while Opponent B drops a verse that is full of nice punchlines but doesnt flow greatly. Of course Opponent A will win, because the flow helps the verse to be a better read.

Which leads to the second rumor ..

2. Punchlines Decide Battles.

Dont get confused with the whole flow matters idea. Punchlines win battles. Battling is about dissing your opponent and clowning him beyond respect. People must understand, WORDPLAY & PUNCHLINES are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Many battlers have came to note with ideas of, Opponent C wins because his flow was better than Opponent D, when in reality .. Opponent D killed Opponent C because his punchlines were much harder.

So flow matters, but punchlines wins battles.

Now that the rumors are out of the way, we can begin discussing how to compose a battle verse to help you on your way of elevation. We will touch the basics of everything, which will include basic flow, basic punchlines, basic wordplay, basic multis and basic personals ( which includes name flips). We wont be touching on the more educated punchlines and harder verse structures which include internal rhyming, that will be discussed in a later edition. Just getting the basics covered in this written. So we will start with Basic Flow.

Basic Flow

Theres not really much to it. Basic flow really only consist of rhyming the last word of each bar/line. This makes the read smoother and easier than a rough verse that is strait punches.

Example ..

This battles to easy .. I'll shatter this clown
I'll have him shook .. The kid will leave town

Basic rhyming makes the read rhythmatic, which causes a smoother verse. Now you can kick up the flow of the verse by adding multis.

Basic Multi's

Multi's are simple additions to the basic flow. Only you chain up linking words that rhyme. This gives your verse that extra kick in the rump that may help you edge out your opponent.

Example .. ( from past example )

This battles to easy .. I'll beat this clown down
I'll have him shook .. The kids bound to leave town

That is a example of multis .. the second line had a touch of internal rhyming but we wont discuss that now. Dont want anyone confused. Now that our lines have flow and multis, we need to add a punchline in .. to deliver the diss.

Basic Punchlines

Punchlines are one of the ways to insult your opponent in a battle. There are punchlines (basic), personals which are basically beefed up punchlines, wordplay, and name flips (which are beefed up personals). Here we will discuss basic punches.

Example .. ( from old examples )

This battles to easy .. I'll beat this clown down
Swears he's ill, if thats his plead .. he'll need the best lawyer in town

Thats a basic punchline .. but the problem is now, our wording is wrong and are lines arent even. Even lines make the scheme and read better.

Basic Power Wording

Power wording basicly, is re-wording of your lines to remove the un-needed phrases and re-phrasing your punches.

Example .. ( from old examples )

Old line before Power Wording -

This battles to easy .. I'll beat this clown down
Swears he's ill, if thats his plead .. he'll need the best lawyer in town

New line after Power Wordig -

This kid swears he's ill .. I'll beat this clown down
If thats his plead .. he'll need the best lawyer in town

Power wording just evened up our lines, and got rid of the un-needed words that threw the punchline off. Now we have one more thing to discuss, which happens to be Wordplay.

Basic Wordplay

Wordplay is basically taking a phrase or word, and flipping it into a insult or a self-praise. Its a very powerful technic to use in battles, but happens to be one thing that has faded away in battling now-a-days.

Example ..

The Word - Writersblock

Transformed into a diss.

Dukes stuck on Writers-Block .. Alone hes not a man
Cause he cant cross the street without mommys hand.

That is basic wordplay, the flipping of a word into a insult or self-praising phrase. With that explained, that basically conclused this version on Battling 101. In the next write-up I will discuss Elevated Battling as well as learning and mastering different battle schemes and styles. Remember, look over this and next time you go to vote on a battle, look over there verses and determine who REALLY has the doper verse, I hope this helps everyone in some way and good battling to you all.

- Xpoz'D
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