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Old 07-01-03, 08:54 PM   #1
The End
- Original -
From: New Jersey
Front Lines Rules

IP: F98A 46E1

There is a shortened version of these rules after the longer version. -feeble

Front Lines Battle Rules

1. I am bringing back our old rule of only 5 active battles at a time. You are not to have more than 5 battle threads happening at the same time (in the Front Lines) anymore. RBBL and RBTL are the only exceptions. IF YOU CHECK INTO A 6TH BATTLE THEN YOU WILL BE DQ'D IMMEDIATELY AND GIVEN A LOSS!! If someone makes a thread saying to battle you that you didn't agree to, DONT CHECK IN. Tell them that you are already in 5 battles and can't yet.

2. Another solution is to stop users from users upping their battles 25 times to get votes. From now on you are not allowed to UP your own battle more than 1 time per 3 hours. IF YOU UP YOUR THREAD MORE THAN 1 TIME IN 3 HOURS YOU WILL BE DQ'd. With rule #1 being in effect, there will be less battles to weed through in the Front Lines, so this should not be as big of a problem as you would imagine. If you need that one last vote, or more votes in general, you are to vote on someone else's battle and simply put a link to your battle after your vote as I stated in my previous announcement.

3. Posting your link in others battles is fine. It is a good way not to get slept on. However, saying "hit me up and you got my vote" is not going to be tolerated anymore. After you give your vote just leave a link to your battle (note: do NOT post your link before both people drop their verses). No need to say "vote on this" or anything similar. Just drop the link after your vote and that is all. I am going to be checking this entire situation. If I see that someone voted for someone else only due to the fact that they voted for you, then you are banned. Whoever has the best verse deserves to win, NOT the person that gave you a vote in your battle. So basically.. Only check ins, verses, and votes (w/ your link at the end if you wish). If you post anything else, you are banned.

4. Unexplained votes are done with. No more just saying "XXX took this easily.. Vote - XXX" Give actual reasoning to why you voted for them or it will be assumed as D/R voting and you will be banned.

5. Voting rings = banned for life. If you have a group of "AIM buddies" or "PM Pals" that you continually ask and get votes from, we are going to notice. We have shut down a few already and banned those members. If you feel the need to have your friends give you votes, I do not want you on this site.

Our Front Lines are embarassing not only to me, but to our Vets. People with skill are losing because of D/R votes and other bullshit. It is not being put up with anymore.

If you fail to follow these 5 rules I just put up, then you are banned. Period. If you notice someone breaking these rules then PM me and I will take care of it.

6. LINE MINIMUM: there is a new line minimum. every battle must be at least 6 lines long.

Front Lines Battle System Rules

1. You must have a proper thread title when you post a new thread. (Example: The End vs. alldig)

2. In order to vote on polls you must have 20 posts or more or the system will not let you (to prevent cheating).

3. Just because we have a new battle system, doesn't mean that you don't have to explain your votes. You have to reply to the battle thread you are voting on first (100 characters or more) and then you can vote on the poll.

4. Here is how the script works. You go into Front Lines or any battle forum, type in the thread name, remember, it must be: Name vs. Name. Scroll to the bottom where you normally click "Submit New Thread", and check "Start a battle". The board will then take you to start a new poll. Your name will be in Option #2, But, in the first option you must put your opponent's EXACT NAME (copy and paste it if you have to). Then, Hit submit.. and the board will take you to the thread.

5. There is NO recycling allowed. Please use original rhymes/verses.

6. In your thread you must specify a line limit (ex: 14-20 lines)

7. There is absolutely no freeposting in any form.

8. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE WINS FOR NO SHOWS. If your opponent doesn't post a verse and you do post a verse you will be allowed to save your verse or parts of your verse for another battle.



1. After 5 people have voted on the battle (with explainations) the poll AND the thread will automatically close. No more votes for that battle will be allowed.

2. If you win or lose a battle (a win is 5 votes) the script will update your wins or losses on your battle record AUTOMATICALLY.

3. You can keep track of your competition #, record #, thread id, etc, by going to: http://www.rapbattles.com/forum/stats.php

4. Users cannot vote for themselves, we have implemented Special PHP coding to stop this.

After you click "start a battle" when you make a new thread remember to:

1. KEEP the poll timeout set to the default option "0 days".

2. KEEP the "Allow multiple choice" UNCHECKED. If you check the box then the battle system will not recognize your battle poll.

I have seen people complaining that their poll closed early...that's because they set the poll timeout to 2 days or 3 days (DON'T MESS WITH THIS OPTION)

*IMPORTANT* If you use AOL..

If you use the AOL browser you may not be able to poll vote or "start a battle". You must use Internet Explorer instead (you can download it here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/ ). If you still have problems PM me.


Originally posted by Kalvin
Starting October 15, if we suspect you are using an alias to vote for yourself, you and all your aliases will be instantly banned. The excuse that it was not you who voted, but was your brother, your friend, or your dog will not be considered. If somebody breaks into your crib, signs up for rapbattles and votes for you before stealing your computer, we're sorry that you lost all your mp3s, but you will still be banned.

Battle fairly or don't battle at all.

shortened version of rules:

1. You may have only 5 active battles at once. an active battle is a battle u have checked into, and it is not over yet.

2. you may up your battle only 1 time every 3 hours! an "up" is any post you make in your battle other than a check in and verse.

3. No dropping links to your battle without voting on the one you are dropping it in. You will lose the battle in your link if you drop the link without voting.

4. If I see that someone voted for someone else only due to the fact that they voted for you, then you are banned. the best vote deserves to win.

5. no dickriding. do not vote for someone cuz you want to get on their good side or cuz ur their friend.

6. no unexplained/ one line votes give reasoning to why you voted for someone. if you just say "XXX takes this" u are banned.

7. voting rings =banned. If you constantly vote on your buddies battles becuz they pm you or IM u for votes, ur banned.

8. no biting. biting is using a verse that isnt yours.

9. no recycling. recycling is using a verse twice.

10. 6 lines is minimum for all battles. no less than 6 line limit while battling.


- The End -
Original Rb Admin
And Still Watching Over You. <br> <img src=http://home.houston.rr.com/tacofox/epenis222.gif></img><br> -An Original RB Member: Yes, We're That Much Better-

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Old 12-23-03, 05:11 PM   #2
Feeble Minded
Posts: n/a
IP: 41E9 3905

Token's version of Rules.

Miscellaneous Rules

1. There will be absuletely NO FREEPOSTING. If you are not doing one of the following things you are freeposting and will be warned:

Checking In
Posting Your Verse
Upping Your Battle ( Max of 5 times )
Voting (follow voting procedures as stated in FL rules thread)

This means if someone no shows or breaks the rules simply pm them and talk to them that way.

2. Report problems to IR. There's no need to flood the mods pm boxes.

3. No hating or beefing in any battle forums. If you are caught beefing or hating excessively you will be warned with the possiblity of being banned. That goes for hate voting as well. If you perform an obvious hate vote you will be warned.

4. No posting in battles before both battlers have dropped their verses. And NO posting links without voting on that battle.
If you in fact do this.. Mods will follow your link and DQ you from that battle.

Voting Rules

1. No voting rings. You may not Pm or Aim other members for votes. If you do you will be banned. If you catch someone Pming you for a vote simply forward the pm to a mod or admin.

2. No hate voting. If you are proved to be guilty of obvious hate voting you will be warned.

3. You must explain your votes thoroughly. Don't just say "Blank blank" takes this with harder punches.
Punches- Blank
Wordplay- Blank
Etc. Etc.
These votes are also invalid and will be disqualified.
Explain your votes to the point where if a n00b is "wack" the vote could encourage the battler to elevate.
If you consistantly give unexplained votes you will be placed on the warning list with the possibility of being banned.

4. When you vote.. Do not post your vote. Then in the next post claim you forgot to leave a link to your battle. That is a form of freeposting, trying to up your post count and it will not be tolerated.

Other Rules

1. You may not up more than 5 times. Any post after both verses are dropped will be considered an up.

2. No shows: If a person never checks in then you will not be granted a win for the no show. If the person checks in with a no due time rule you will not be given a win for the no show. But.. If there is a due time and your opponent checks in (if you check in we will assume you agree to the rules) and then he doesn't make the due date, he will be DQed and you will be granted the no show win.


If you use an alias to vote for yourself you will be banned immediately. No excuses. Don't go saying "It was my family member and we use the same computer". It does not matter. Stay away from eachothers battles. This goes for swaying votes as well. Absoultely no swaying with or without aliases. Excessive swaying will result in a DQ.

Battle Fairly or don't battle at all.
Follow these rules and you'll get along fine.

Have fun.
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Old 07-09-05, 06:03 AM   #3
Bangalore's Avatar
From: Chicago,IL
Need A Vote Removed?

IP: CF4E 8780

If Have Problem with anything in the battle forums?

The Basics
Click to have a Vote Removed

Click To Report a Dickrider

Click If You Caught a biter

Click if You Need a Battle closed

^^Those Are the Basics...if it is SUPER important and needs attending to ASAP then feel free to PM one of the Mods.

Good Claim vs. Bad Claim

Bad Claim:

yo check this out people didn't follow the rules:

Good Claim: Check this link out, dixie had an invalid one line vote.
-balam balam i treat yall like cans of spam

Free Time...

I Live the Lifestyle You Want to Live

Secret Society/Cut Throat

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Old 12-03-06, 09:43 AM   #4
King Solo
King Solo's Avatar
IP: BD83 5678

14-Day Rule

Due to recent complaints about battles never getting closed, this rule is now being put into use.

The 21-day period rule still stands, meaning that if your battle is not over after 3 weeks then you can have it closed with whoever is currently leading being declared the winner. But, should your battle still be open after the first 14 days without receiving a single vote then you can contact me via a PM asking me to vote on your battle.

Please be aware that if you request my vote then it will be detailed, explained and you WILL NOT be able to complain about it or have it removed, NO MATTER WHAT. Also, my vote will be the deciding vote, so whoever I vote for will win the battle.
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