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Old 07-07-05, 05:57 AM   #1
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Write To This Picture: July '05

IP: 33DE 730C

Write to this picture by Coto for July:
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Old 07-07-05, 12:21 PM   #2
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symbolises complete clarity as if an imparity.
to privacy,his hands couldn't be a shield of the sight he sees.
he's not underwater,only his fingers is.
his head is over the surface and reflected some images
he could be taking a drink,or takin time to patiently think
about hisself his past or what he is waiting to be.
and his future can hold fear a mili second is close near.
it could be a river,or possibly a sea of his own tears.

thanks strobe I love this type of art.

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Old 07-09-05, 03:05 PM   #3
Poetic Tragedy
New to RV
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looking Into The Water Seeing My Reflection
im praying to god that he will please provide me with protection
all my and the sins around me seem to be clouding me like an infection
father forgive me for me sins but i must journy to my correction

i steady find myself on my knee's commiting a supplication
this is not how i want to be i dont lyke this, if my life was a radio some 1 change the station
im looking at myself through the water and through the abyss of my darkness
aiming the barrel at my head but the bullet was a miss
so i kneel down to the river of tears,hatred, and pains
i feel the water as it covers my hands and i can feel the calmness seeping thru my veins
but the past has affected my future its left me covered in mental and emotional stains

so i wonder.....

if what the past held for me was for a reason
was i suppose to be here to thynk this thought or is this the gods way of teason(Teasin)
each thought is connected to a person with feelings in atleast 1 way shape of form
so i sit here as i hesitate to continue the thought knowing every second cud be my last
the way death and life works...your begining is your end,your alive then your dead it happens to fast

So I Sit And I Thynk...

id lyke to add this is the first time ive done this kinda stuff...so hopefully it wasnt bad..its just what i got out of the picture
Free Tookie!

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Old 07-13-05, 12:33 AM   #4
Light Weight
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Washing my face from all the dirt and grime i've done went through.
All the lies and misconceptions are all strewn onto......
me, the one who tries to live a life of holiness, recieved by God Almighty and
in his power I see, that I am just a being created to love him willingly.
Why oh why must I suffer isn't that a life much tougher, but like a student to a
teacher I must be broken to understand.
Remorseful for my sins, trying to wash away all that I did, but my eyes still have
that taletell sign of promiscurity.

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3 nails + 1 cross = 4given
No matter how good you are there's always someone better.
I'm not the status quo stereotype you want me to be.
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I still cannot believe how beautiful he is...
Even when I am away from him, I see him in everything...
His gentle eyes, delicate lips... all things that I love to touch...
Touch with more than just my hands... but my heart and my soul...
And that is how I know that together the two of us may grow old...
Many wonder and cannot understand our connection...
But when everything reflects him... it is hard to deny him...
So I give in and submit to a greater force... a greater being...
I believe in it and I allow it to guide me...
And if the day comes when I cannot see him... I would assume that I am blind then...
Because to me... no other, can ever be what he is to me...
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Old 07-22-05, 02:10 PM   #6
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natural law

IP: 10D2 D4FD

With the worst
I gotta drink but I stop to reflect first
About the next verse
As I give birth to
A piont of view
So fresh and new
Its just like morning dew
And just as the leaves fall
So do we all
To be human is to have flaw
Its the natural law
We all must cralw
In order to stand tall
So keep your head held high
Don't just lie by
And watch your dreams die
Cause the only time you fail is when you don't try

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Old 07-25-05, 10:03 AM   #7
..XS Konceptz..
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Just a question. Where do you find these pictures at?
Revolution Broadcasted
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Old 07-25-05, 10:27 AM   #8
The Saviour
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From: England
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The death of mortality washes over me,
Leaves fly by disconnected from a fallen tree,
Emotion running rampant like the current of a sea,
Knowing now that this is all that he'd be,
The sky's are bleak and full of drear,
Seeing the reflection in the ripple of a tear,
Hands feeling cold from the chill of the water,
The soul of him ground down like a pestle and mortar,
Washing his face then sipping a drink,
It all happened so fast no time to think,
Armageddon was close, you can see it in the sky,
No need to try to live, everyone was going to die,
The end was near and most huddled around,
Except for a boy and a well he had found,
Walking across the ground and meeting it,
Looking into the ground as if he was greeting it,
Taking a handful of liquid knowing it would be his last,
Absorbing his reflection and drinking up fast,
Washing his face with the drink getting rid of the grime,
Looking up as the end was finally drawing near,
He prayed vehemently as suddenly all became less clear...
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Old 07-25-05, 04:44 PM   #9
New to RV
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these broken fingertips massage the spine
of the fluid words that leak from my swollen mouth.
i find myself swimming in ecstacy as i realize
that no one, except me, will ever see this side
of the second most amazing man in my life...
my god being the first, i race to find my own tongue
darting in and out, from between perced lips...
praying for the cup to runeth over,
begging for the hands i grasp the world with
to bend and crack in the shattered torment of
untranquil oceans...
as these eyes peer deeper into the seas of his eyes, i realize...
it is me who holds the key to a future bright!
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Old 07-30-05, 09:25 AM   #10
Cuz I'm Old Skool Baby
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From: ring the BEL and run FAST!!!
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Thirsty i may be, but i look at the water and see a reflection of me
how can i drink it now when i cant swallow the guilt of my deeds?
I'm holdin my life in my hands,my face is a potrait of my past
my sins etched in the creases of my face,each worse than the last.
natures beside me, but i feel 'at one' with none.
theres no point in looking away, I cant even run
the past follows us always and we can see it thru our eyes
they are the window to our souls, so we cant hide the lies.
This is my sig. what?

I'm white so u KNOW i can't rap =)

I will definitely RTF if u leave a link, thanks!
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Old 07-30-05, 01:17 PM   #11
RV aint Dead
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it hurts ma eyes ta look at u
so i melt it down and say it Elmers Glue
u sticky so wat m i suppose ta do
wipe handz and then shit on u
now u smell like boo-boo
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Old 08-04-05, 06:48 AM   #12
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Originally Posted by ..XS Konceptz..
Just a question. Where do you find these pictures at?

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