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Write To This Picture: March '07

IP: 33DE 730C

Write to this picture by michael james newlyn for March
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IP: 4655 126D

I am again taking this area to a new level with poetry instead of regular lyrics to decribe my vision of this picture and the aftermath of such events...
its almost biblical in sense. enjoy! and leave feedback if you would...

titled: "Trajectory"


Earth's optimism

It will arc; then steadily plummet downward.
You'll be able to see it from any subterranean base camp.
All significant approvals to view it's decent will be rubber stamped
by hands cramped...and eyes searching skies for
a last chance at victory.

But, follow the trajectory.
Knowing...that keeping track will be necessary.
Do not deny what your own senses would have you believe.
Your Senses...are intact and they will not deceive.
Smell, taste, touch...hear
Listen...and hear...all thatís amazing in this delicately dictated fantasy.
Soon enough to be the only required reality.
What streaks across and downward was meant to eliminate your doubting sense of wonder.
Vibrating like thunder

...It will burst through the clouds...
Itís once glorified attributes; now dissipating will appear as vague conjecture...
A reminiscence of what couldíve been...
What heart, mind and pained spirit desired...Already fabricated
to mimic the after breath of lightning.
The humidity of the air will be frightening as youíll
witness the transformation of the cloudís softness into a more
weighty kind of fluff.
Expect a radio active, twinkling rhinestone,
purplish hued kinda stuff...

the linear, horizontal, movement of the rain drops will mean nothing at this time...
They will appear as spilt wine in a newer and more
dynamic format...
Emptied from the likeness of a Machiavellian vat

...But, yes...
Follow this track.
It will link up to an uncommon series of staged events.
Those straddling the fence may attempt to be unbiased.
But, pessimism and indecisiveness will be their reliance.

But, to no avail...They will, nevertheless believe the hail as it storms changing their pointless point of view.
To you...it will be all new..
Yet, as you recall from what comes to mind, The Fire this Time will be yesterdayís prophetic admonition of your ancestorís recollection...
The Oneís who told you...when it appears, do not doubt.

...The eerie Summation of Retributionís Account....
Introspective inspectors will suddenly creep out. Appearances made to gather
and collect all cerebral insight.
Frenzied and chaotic will be this day...
but, pleasant compared to its blackened night.
Politics of The Left will be condemned and hamstrung by The Right
Anarchists will step forward and control The Court
Daycare centers will be armed and stocked piled like an Imperialistic Fort.
Drunken midwives will decide who will give birth
and who will abort...Trusted comrades will be sentenced as traitors.
Transvestites and priests will lead packs of raiders.The nuns will cuss this...
Insanity will get a foothold in the door of Corrupted Justice...once inside
it will begin to explore the regions of itís tainted opinions
and excuses...Summarizing the effects
of its many abuses.
Like titty milk mixed with fermenting juices...it when lit, shall
burn the vineyards and the tongues of the known
and unknown liars.
5OOO years and a Day...will be the lasting of these fires.
Optimismís earthy impact will mushroom cloud and shroud
the earnest of the land.
Delinquent of the fact the best was...Man.
And, not a child left behind will fathom or understand...

...Optimismís hope was the crudely accrued crude from
the Lands of The Sand...

Switch (The Poet)

"Cry havok and let slip, the dogs of war"
-William Shakespeare

"Before you judge someone remember...
Amateurs built the arc, Professionals built the Titanic."


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Old 03-08-07, 08:20 PM   #3
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destroying the navy destroyer boat,
dropin bombs on the mother fucker so you better hope the people float,
either way there will be no survivers after im done,
because im shooting every alive person with my machine gun,
leave the ship to sink to the bottem of the sea,
im taking over the world and showing no mercy,
the explosion from my bomb was extremely loud,
and it caused a fire and a huge smoke cloud,
were in the middle of nowhere so noone will save you,
left to meat your death and your watery grave dude.
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Old 03-29-07, 08:36 PM   #4
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IP: D6D4 88D8

im locked on and i have the enemy in my sites..
im gauranteeing no survivors by the end of the night...
land ,sea or air my aim is an accurate shot
look thru my scope on how da boat got caught...
i aint done yet wait till you see the final pose...
im stackin bodies at da bottom of the ocean like tottam poles..
killing all those who oppose without froze as anger grows
honored to be the one to line up my target
murder,dealth,kill watch as i mark it..........
*****************e XTENSIVe ************************
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