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Old 09-26-07, 05:48 PM   #1
= )
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What are the chances we can get a subforum for mixtapes and singles? I get every new mixtape, cd, and whatever weeks before they come out, always wanted a form like this strictly for posting dl's like that, would be dope, I also can get programs and movies but I dont know how you feel about all that, 100% no bullshit though Could help us get some members if they know this is a spot for the new music or whatever, you know. Oh and I sent you a pm about the skins thing, just needed to know what version, if you know what I mean, anyways get at me, want to bring this site some new faces

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Old 09-27-07, 08:23 AM   #2
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If you want to run a mixtape/singles forum, just PM me the name of the forum. You might need to upload the files themselves to a file hosting service though. Our server isn't set up to host many big files for lots of downloads. The forum for programs/movies and other copyrighted content wouldn't be possible since it would risk getting the server taken down by the hosting company once the movie companies and etc find out. Everyone pretty much knows to hit up a torrent site to grab the programs and movies anyways.
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Old 02-09-08, 03:57 AM   #3
Brandon Cee
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strobe light, lol. sorry.
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Old 03-04-08, 03:18 AM   #4
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ight i jus want to know wat i can do to get this site a little more active i noticed i clicked on your best rap sites link from the homepage and Rapverse wasnt on there i think that might help but i dont know shit! some suggestions would help tho ya know!!!
watever i can do let me know i like the way this website is set up with the forums and the blind drops on the battles i jus hate to see it goin down the drainnn...or i can fuk off if it's a lost cawz!!!! lemme know!
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