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Old 12-30-03, 11:10 PM   #1
Fuck You, I Rhyme Better
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Camarac and The Realist discuss how to better your writing

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Camarac To be a good writer you have to look beyond what’s on the surface and take your time to get in depth. Explore it further, think out every aspect and word it all.

The Realist thanks, and I bet you don’t even know who this is

Camarac Sure I do, The Realist

The Realist I’m overrated

Camarac Nah .., just ditch the whole perfect square structure. It’s gay. Throws the flow, kills the content. It says to me, your caring more about how it looks than how it reads

The Realist It works for me, I don’t say enough in my pieces

Camarac But ehh .. I used to write like that. You need more multi's and internals.

The Realist you and your damn multies...

Camarac And dont just drag on and on. No! Multi's and such are a part of writing. Other wise all you have is basic rhyming that anyone can do. What sounds better: Cat / Mat or Atrists Perspective / Heart into Sketches?

The Realist 2nd

Camarac Exactly, that's what sets you above newbie's.

The Realist But I can’t get multies without forcing...my word choice is limited

Camarac Lmao. Then simply rhyme two short words like Eight Years / Taste Tears

The Realist Aight

Camarac It’s the ability to use multi's / internals / flow and still keep the content dope that sets you above the newbies who rhyme one word

The Realist Well Cam, thank you for your insight. With you permission, can I reword this and put it as a tutorial

Camarac Lmao. Sure.

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