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Exclamation Ryhme Scheme (important)

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ok i just did a good post and my shit froze, lets see if i can recapture the ish. o yes i was talking about ryhme scheme. Ryhme scheme is one of the most important factors in a song. although its importance seems to be overlooked at times let me try to explain.

Ryhme scheme is the way the pattern in which the song ryhmes.
The average ryhme scheme is usually the last word in the verse ryhmes. for example

i get more green then the ripest of grapes,
i shoot banana clips like im related to apes,

see how the only ryhmes are at the end. this is the most typical because it is the easiest. We can get a little more complex by doing the double/triple ryhme scheme. We tend to see this alot but more so with Fabolous. He does this more then any other rapper i know
NOTE* Please dont confuse these with multi's i havnt gotten there yet.
for example:
i aint "neva gon believe"
u "eva gon leave"

see thats a triple by fabulous. doubles/triples are more complex then just single ryhme schemes but are a bit harder to make good metaphors.

ok lets move on to the next ryhme scheme. this one is a bit harder to pull off.
this is ryhming multiple parts of the verse not just at the end.
Note* this is not what we reffer to as a "multi" yet.

for example;
watch as i "breach" emcees security like a "contract",
Leave my clip fuller then a "leech" in the middle of battle "combat"

see how leech and breech, and combat and contract. This is kinda difficult ryhme scheme to pull off throughout a song and put meta's in there but it can be done. and trust me it makes for a better flow.

ok here is another good ryhme scheme (not quite to multi's yet, but their coming hang tight).
this is a ryhme scheme not commonly used. its perfect to use a few times throughout a song, but i wouldnt suggest basen your main ryhme scheme around it.

this is when every other verse ryhmes
for example

if you cant take it, just remember this
life is what you make it, so make it waht it is

this is perfect for ending songs. It gives that feel like your about to close out know what i mean. it like changes the tempo u could say a bit. its like saying the final word.

OK. If you have not passed out yet, you made it. Yep its time for some multi's.
Multi's are ryhmes within a verse. i see this MOSTLY (but not limited to) used with the beloved rapper eminem. He tends to throw in a quick multi or two.

for example

Emcees start to "panic" and get "frantic" when i expose their"antics",

^ horrible example but eh. See how they ryhme inside the verse. Thats mad. Everyone seems to love them but they are not the most difficult to pull off but when used right, gives your lyrics the push they need. NEVER just throw words that ryhme into your verse. make sure they pertain to what that verse is saying. dont just put words in because they ryhme. like this would be wackness

Emcees start to panic, im gigantic, when i expose their antics

doesnt sound to bad right? but what the hell has giganic got todo with emcees panicing over their antics being exposed? see what i mean. Use multi's wisely and they can be your songs best friend.

a multi doesnt ALWAYS have to be in the same verse. Stay with me here. A multi can be a word or quick phrase in between verses. ill try to explain.

for example
'im a psychopath, wackness adds on to my wrath, like math,

can you spot the multi? I changed it abit the multi is at the end. its tricky but keep working with it youll get the hang.

one more thing....
here is an example of another type of multi... i refer to them as double/triples so you dont get them confused...
Strip-in-ya-life, as I absorb Blood from da Tip-of-da-knife//
Spill "bloods", But ya cant tell there aint a crip-in-his-life!//

^ that is also a type of multi.

Remember when writing your songs always try to keep a main scheme. You can throw other ones in their now and then but just so the song flows right u dont wanna keep changing up the scheme. Unless your talib kwali who changes his ryhme scheme like every other verse and is still ill (wat can i say the boy got skills).

Hope this has helped SOMEONE in doing a song or something. i dunno hopefully someone learned something. post some feedback.

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