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Old 12-28-03, 05:51 AM   #1
Voting? Read Now! UPDATED - 12-03-06

IP: 33DE 730C

Effective immediately, if you are going to vote, you must drop a real vote with an explanation. If we see something like:

open: xxxx
close: xxxx
personals: xxxx
metas: xxxx
punches: xxxx
multis: xxxx

win: xxxx

Your vote WILL BE DISQUALIFIED and any links to your active battles WILL BE REMOVED. Do not waste our and your time posting a non-original vote.

Whats a good vote? We don't expect you to write a novel, but a decent sentence or two containing personalized feedback will be adequate. Basically hit what were the good points for the winner and bad points for the loser. That way both opponents will be able to figure out how they can improve. If you want an example of an above-and-beyond vote:

Courtesy of B-Kast:
Flow - xxxxx, was structured better, which made it flow better

Punches - xxxxx, some were played by both cats, but i felt that xxxxx had more and the ones he did have hit alot harder

Personals - xxxxx, had alot more, and were alot better, yyyyy's were pretty lame and didn't form together to well.. suggestion xxxxx you shouldn't have to explain your personals

Multies - Obviously xxxxx, by his type of rhyme scheme, his rhyme scheme almost always guarantees him flow and multies. If your a newb take a close look and you'll see.

Vocab - Both were lacking on this, and need to elevate

Originality - Even, some of lines by both of you were played, but overall alright verses

Or you can give a good vote consisting of long detailed feedback if youd rather do that than vote like this. those are your choices.


BAR vs. BAR Voting

Whilst you all know what an explained vote should look like, lately over the past few months there seems to be a trend of league BAR vs. BAR voting going on. Now, whilst some of you may be willing to accept this kind of voting, some people think that it is not explained enough.

Therefore, the only way a BAR vs. BAR vote will be exempt from being removed at a battler's request is if it has a couple of sentences at the bottom detailing why the voter didn't quote the bars that were not quoted, and/or detailing what was wrong with the loser's verse and what was good about the winner's verse.

So, just to clarify...




V/ - Battler A

^ That type of BAR vs. BAR voting will be removed if any one of the battler's request it to be removed. If they do not request it to be removed, then I will assume that they are willing to let it stand.

Last edited by Nick Fletcher. : 12-03-06 at 09:36 AM.
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