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Write To This Picture: August '06

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Write to this picture by Daniel Sinoca for August
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From: STL hoe!!
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clutchin only my on belongings, i sit at a gaze/
watchin, at armegeddon, knowing that soon this day..

.. was coming, planes ascent, and dust & smoke seattle/
too long i've meddled, and now is time to pay da debt

my life in ex-change for for another birth to conjure/
this is only a pattern, death it self is the cure
The more I FESTER, the more you become LESSER

Now dats sexxxy^

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Old 08-14-06, 02:28 AM   #3
Under Oath
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Headless ghosts fill the halls Shadow plays of grief and pain
Phantom speaks his final note Tenants of the castle slain
Lost souls will all be told Black cats will appear
For a haunting we will go As the witching hour nears
See their dreams come to life Under pressure holding tight
Feel the cold grabbing hold To feed you to the haunting night
Evil witch black as pitch Burning fire rising higher
Starts a fire with a flinch Making music like a choir
The Hunted ft Paranoid
Open Battles
Vs Mystic

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Old 08-19-06, 06:19 PM   #4
New to RV
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Memories of the days
these hallways
was filled with laughter
Stories of happily ever after
replaced by disaster
The lonely puppet master
sits and plays
his accordion faster
then ever before
cause there's a war
Tearin down his door
Allot of people fightin
but do they know what for
He wonders once more
as he watches the enemy soar
in on wings
created by the dreamers dreams
his song he sings
Sad and slow
Cause he knows
as his emotions over flow
This could be his last show
he loses control
& just lets go
Bare soled
his hands are old
But the Knowledge they hold
could never be sold
for any amount of gold
So if the truth be told
Yeah, The futures cold
But to live life is to live it bold
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Old 08-26-06, 03:29 PM   #5
Bonecrushing Nigga
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Lost In Eternal Skies

Lost in an eternal warfare, the sky protruding from all these lies.
I look into the bitter sadness, blood leaking from within my eyes.
I despise all these battle cries and the skies as I gaze upon death.
Weeping my heart off on the lost embodiments of my sons flesh.
Yet, as I look up into the heavens, it is I who must be in question.
The aggression is my confession as I clutch hold to my possessions.
This expression of the world apocalypse has painted the sky above.
My shelter torn apart like that lone chamber that pumps my blood.
All this torment and agony, ripping my eyes out all this insanity.
My love ones gone, no more families, all hope is lost for humanity.
And I fear this'll be my deathbed, I can't stand to live any longer.
So, I kneel down and ask for repentance to my God Thy Father.
Please take my existence away, no man can endure this terror.
Heavenly father do you see these mistakes and all these errors?
And now as I firmly gaze at the blackest day of this dark sky.
An expression bolds into the clouds as I watch life pass me by.
I now have finally seen the Almighty God, as I sit down and cry.
My Father is taking me to heaven..........
.....................................And I, the Son of God will finally die.
Guess who?...

...Paramik Fuckin'...

...Owns You!

||RVS Text Champion||
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