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Old 05-06-06, 07:05 AM   #1
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Everyone read

IP: 0825 899A

I'm having some concerns with the lack of activity in the forum so here's some suggestions for everyone. No, fuck that you're all little bitch ass slaves and you're gonna do whatever the fuck I want. Here's some demands for the forum.

*EVERYONE post their feedback links at the very fuckin top of their thread.
(you need TWO)

*The hall of fame is down for some reason, I'll get it together. That doesn't mean you shouldn't drop, appreciate art faggot.

*If everyone feeds on at least two om's a day I swear jesus will appear in a dream after that. I promise.

*I have a present for everybody's mailbox if activity picks up. Now would I lie to ya'll?

Last edited by Mindstate : 01-17-07 at 05:26 PM.
Old 05-09-06, 04:13 AM   #2
Kawn Flixx
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Also If You Leave Two Links With Inedquate Feedback Your Thread Will be Closed.
The Competition

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Old 07-12-06, 11:04 PM   #3
I Am Unreal.
Light Weight
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Originally Posted by Indeph
*The hall of fame is down for some reason, I'll get it together. That doesn't mean you shouldn't drop, appreciate art faggot.

What "art" do you speak of? 95% of the open mics here are total shit. Hence the reason nobody wants to read the fucking things. PM me to collab and we'll actually write something worth reading.
Was he robbed of the ashphalt that cushioned his face?
Old 07-12-06, 11:23 PM   #4
Above Originality
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welll i asked you I AM to collab you said no cus your not in the mood now you are so PM me the topic with your verse and ill just write mine to what i just read or to what i think the topic is about or someshit and i drop adequate feedback all the time and adequate OM's for people to read they just dont read it. links are in my sig read it and leave feed then!
Chryme Syndicate
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Old 09-21-06, 02:44 PM   #5
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How can i leave adequate feedback all these people who drop in here are soooo fucking whack... Please elaborate.
Old 12-05-06, 06:06 AM   #6
King Solo
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I would drop Open Mics in here but the forum is just too inactive and the quality of the drops now are fucking bullshit which is why I leave no feedback.
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Old 01-10-07, 06:27 PM   #7
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1st edition

The Joker

A man is at the dentist's for a check-up. As the dentist leans over, he asks, "Well... So you had oral sex this morning?" "How did you know?" asks the man, amazed at his dentist's perception. "Was it the smell on my breath?" "No" says the dentist. "Well, did you see a pubic hair caught in my teeth?". "No" says the dentist. "Well, what then? How the fuck did you know?" asks the man, losing patience. The dentist says…."There's a little bit of shit on the end of your nose."

O.M resurrection

First off wus’good and welcome to the resurrection, been a long ass time since a mag been up, and the O.M has definitely seen better days, to the vets yall know what im talking bout…but the past is the past and we all about the future.The main aim of the mag is to promote elevation and quality feed. Fuck haters we on a strategic tip ya feel. These categories been formed to cater to a broad spectrum of writers.Weather you commercial, gangsta, or a wordsmith phenom. The aim is to help you reach the highest possible skill level in your favored technique. You might be sayin to yaself so what, whats fucken new about that shit. I'll tell you whats fucking new. This mag is an amalgamation of a tutorial, topical league, Audio advancement, and challenging your boundries as a lyricist, how you ask?... check that shit yaself fam...and be easy ight...peace

The Trinity

the best three repliers to pieces will be rewarded by having a “link” of their choice , be it there own or a nomination stuck in the mag, the incentive being, anyone who wishes to be considered for the mag must give feed to “one” of the trinities piece’s. Also remember to leave a link to your piece when you drop feed... They are not in the trinity for nothing

O//^\\EGA “Eyes of A Warrior”


Mindstate “Love???”


efgeesus “Dark Matter”


remember to nominate people for the Trinity, it is beneficial to both of you. As "one" peeps will catch on that you nominate for the trinity and give you better feed, and "two" nominating peeps for any category gives you a better chance at becoming one of the trinity. If it happens to be a close call for trinity positions...nominating will be the determining factor...

Cock smoker

List of Peeps who suck at giving feed, and should die for giving it,Take note of this list, as it will help you to recognize which writers and pieces to sleep on.You will stay on this list for one week, if after that week you correct your feed, you will be taken off the list.

wiley d

1# i was feeling it i give it a 9 if not higher give me feed on my open mic

2# i like your flow i give it a 7.0

The Elevation

Versatility, elevation, fun, the elavtion is a tutorial ranking system. You will be ranked according to how many categories conquered. This is for peeps who wanna up their game and also gives credibility to your opinions on scripts, which ultimately means less “bitchin”. For the vets something fresh and fun to do when your bored.

1-10 Silver

11-15 Gold

16-20 Diamond

The highest rank attainable is level 21. The only peeps who can attain this level are dudes in the legends. It does not matter why you are in legends, the respect is granted. Though you will still have to conquer the other 20 cats. note the numbers, they are only there so you know which cats are valid, you may attack them in any order, except for Topical Tormenter. To reach the diamond level there is a condition ( see special features )

1. Imaculate Flow

2. Transition Technician

3. Multi Messaiah

4. Tortured Image

5. Mad Emo

6. Advanced idiom

7. O.G

8. Meta Madness

9. Structure

10. Complexity

11. Serious Street

12. Haiku

13. killer kings

Rulers of the collaboration nation

14. Master piece’s

15. Supreme Technique

The dominating force in verse, most versatile, imagery, flow, emotion, complexity, metaphors, similes, multis, transition, word play, structure, quotes, depth, originality and also a name for the peice. Utilizing four or more of these caergories will be needed to attain the title of ... Supreme Technique!

Special Features

Mag cover

Writer's in the O.M sector can apply to feature on the O.M mag cover.You will only need a dope pic of your self. The only reason it will not be added is if the monthly interview wants the cover. To the dope gfx heads if you are interested in doing a cover let me know, you will be featured in the mag and of course you will be able to sign your work....

Next month's cover has already been claimed by a dope GFX artist: Itselray

16. Topical Tormentor
The only way to attain the diamond lvl 16, is to challenge a moderator to a Topical battle, which.... will be featured in the mag. I havent even asked them, just test them out, think of them as "The Man" . If they already have a battle then a diamond level dude or higher can substitute, Call them out publicly in the mag, just pm me and i will add your challenge...make it a good one lol

17. Master mic wrecker

Get your ass on the mic, destroy that shit player, best script suited to Audio,16 bars meaning lines is the criteria for this title, why?.....

Very few labels and recording studios deviate from this formula because all - and I mean ALL- rappers get paid per 16. You'll even hear them talk about it sometimes. If you were offered a spot on a track, you'd get paid for 16 lines. If you submit 32 (as you would with the incorrect 2lines/bar format), half of them won't be recorded. That's a basic fact of studio time… props to KonFlikt of criminal minds and his source

Weather one verse or an entire piece with hooks, both are equal in worth, the dopeness will be the determining factor

Hawt tracks

best beats

The Quick fix

18. The Session

meet the new om mods, willa and Mindstate

Tha Dedication

The Lyricists: Abstrakt and Indeph
The Date: 01/06/05
The Piece: Metal Mulisha
Status: Legendary

March 23, 2004: 9:00 PM On Hott 93.7 Live Radio Show

Buc Star (Dj): Yo Yo Yooo, Its Ya Boy Buc Keeping It Hot In CT... Today For Ya Enterainment Pleaser We Got None Other Then Ya Boy... Abstrakt!!!
Abstrakt: Ayooo, Whaddup Fam... Its Ya Boy 860 Repping Back To My Home... CT One Love.
Buc Star:Ya Ya Yeeeeah, Thats Right Never Forget The Home Town. So Wha-Whadup, You Gone Spit For Us Or Whaaaaat Man???.
Abstrakt:Haha Of Cooourse No Worries I Got This... Gimmy A Beat I'll Tear It Up Before We Get Into The Interviews.
Buc Star:Aiight Here Ya Go, Sawl You Play Boy.
Abstrakt:Aaaw Shit, Straight Beat I Got This...
What, What... Ayo,
Abstrakt One Mic One Track To Lite Blaze To Suns Path...
Coincide The Broke Glass My Life Whole In Tact? Ya Never Was That...
Strickly Av's Beef Weed Tounge Quick When I Stand Like Deph On His Knees...
So Many Fake And These Street Take To Kids Like Him, Pleeeeeease...
Realest Ever Since 03, Know Me, Whole Preach...
Like My Words Demo Faggots The Way I Ride I.D...
Buc Star:Ooooooh Shit, Oh Mayn Abby Got It Go Off Now. Ayo So Who's Ideph? Fill Us In Whats Goin Down Homie?
Abstrakt:Haha Was Waiting For That One...
__________________________________________________ ___________

May 10, 2004: 8:30 PM On 1075 WGCI

Doug(DJ):aight you listen to 1075 WGCI..the hottest for hiphop and R&B,we got the hottest artist this year,Indeph in the building wassup
Indeph:whats good Doug..waddup Chi-Town,waddup TC
Doug:I'm coo man,but it don't seem too good with you,I hear you and Ab got some shit goin on,is it all rap or do you feel hatred for the dude
Indeph:that nigga a bitch..go to barbershops for panty lining..
skateboarders aren't rappers..a baords the only way abby grinding
Doug:OOOOOOO..Indeph getting on the flow now..
Indeph:you already in it abby..we cant settle now..
cuz even beefing with you if bringing my level down
fuck you..fuck your life..I hope you die..eyes open and all
This not wax..I'ma crush you faggot..I'm focused and all.
I'm out this shit

Regular Text = Abstrakt
Bold Brown Text = Indeph

[[Verse One]]
War Of Word Strechin Verse To Girth Of More...
Weapons In Store Stressing Yet In Steps For Support...
Under Oath Now My Brothers Mutter Anthems Of Coast Out...
Prevoked Towns To Cities In These Sounds We Stand To Hold Down...
Marching with support signs..to nails in baseball bats..and city's nation backed
with bulls jersey's,and red bandanas..
wrapped around there wrist..with fuck Conneticit Bannas..Chanting for there leader..
recording the event with digital cameras

In Fallow In Rage With All Of The Wethered Community Cuts...
Like Imunity Up Fucked Is Not A Stage We'll Alow, Opportunity's Up...
Days Ours For Taking Our Pacients Ageing To Scars...
Art Making Our Greatest Have Tastes For Layin Crews Chared...
both sides listen to there leaders lyrics..
for motivation..ready for prison neither fearin..any of the other cases..left side chants Indeph,right side yells abstract..
while both leaders just laugh at it..like what are they mad at

New Head Hit The Studio Split Led To A Name Unknown...
Rise Threw Ranks As Infalls The Same Unknown...
Now Its Coastal, Chi-Town To War With All-a CT...
Toy Soldiers On Wax As Heat Lets The Metal Mulisha Breath Free...

[[Verse Two]]
Final Strech Breath Hard Ech My Side Full Of Rep...
Enemies Eyes Full Of Spark Our Hearts Sun The Stress...
Ready, Steady Let Me Speak Final Words Rally The Birth...
Give Way To Agressions Levy Ease The Burn n Gladly Gun First...
mele weapons release..guns drawn..from handguns..cannons..
as a moment of silence.surprises by.shots fired at random
those hiding under cars..as those shoot the gas pump..
both hesitate..sure silece..as neithr side stands up

Just Then I See Deph Run As I Flea Left To Cetch Up...
Speed Up n Jump, My Arms Around His Knees As I Get Struck...
surprises and baffled..confused as I adjust,and I see stract
got one hit to his jawbone..quickly intensly he hit me back

Caught Him Wita Right My Left Off, Missed The Strike, "SHIT!"...
Legs Tripped As I Lay, Deph Above As Blood Sprays From Tite Hits...
take advantage of his mistake..throw my kicks hard to his face..
slips of his lips..and I trip..we both down..with our fists made

New Head Hit The Studio Split Led To A Name Unknown...
Rise Threw Ranks As Infalls The Same Unknown...
Now Its Coastal, Chi-Town To War With All-a CT...
Toy Soldiers On Wax As Heat Lets The Metal Mulisha Breath Free...

[[Verse Three]]
Something Happend When Swinging,Scrapping, Attackin I Lost Red...
Saw Clear Head Straight Paused n Saw This Action Was Not Best...
The People That Suffered Evils Pasted They Didnt Even See Who They Smothered...
All For Me Now I See Another Task Creep Hold, Stop This, Let Music Play Loves Clove...
My compation for the fans and there situation..its my fault
what kind of example I'm sending when even I faught?..to think people died..all there feeble lives..this is wrong
and while it was goin on I didn't even mind..
I didn't even try

The Fuck Is This Doing? I Gotta Get Up, Moving, Stop All This Fueding...
My FANS! Shit, They're Falling Got Shot This All Just Such Shit, What Am I Doing...
Stagger Up Grab The Cuff Of The First Man I See n Get Battered By Bats...
NO ONE HEARS ME! FUCK! My God! A Shot Rings As Bullits Shattered My Grasp...
I run outside,my awarness is all lost..one of my shoes falls off..to call off the war..that we all caused..I stand on a station waggen..yelling to save the damage..but bad aimed just happened..I get shot to the pavement rationed..


Sniper Armada

Watch your ass! This regiment is relatively unknown. Their true ambitions are yet to be revealed.




Wiley d



19. The Elite

20. HOF

21. Legends

The Quote

If I am walking with two other men, each of them will serve as my
teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them,
and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself…………Confucius

Last edited by GREVISS : 01-30-07 at 04:58 AM.
Old 01-10-07, 08:52 PM   #8
Pushin it....
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could you do me a sig bro?
Originally Posted by Lysol
But Eminem is the best.

Destroyin Tricks on the Daily

Old 01-10-07, 11:23 PM   #9
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( New development )

Dazy a vet of RV specializing in audio, will be in control of the
Master mic wrecker title. Also additions have been made to the
mag, as he will be adding a monthly top ten Hawt tracks as well
as the two best beat makers…why you ask when it’s the O.M mag
Well we will be encouraging audio artists to elevate in their lyrical
content and technique, as well as encouraging text heads to try
the mic out…so audio heads will basically be able to drop a link
after their scripts…while the beat makers are dudes text heads
should look up if they want to try audio…good looks to Dazy…
lets get this shit poppin…
Old 01-13-07, 07:15 AM   #10
Above Originality
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wooty give the props!

i can help ya know... so holla with a PM at me to let me know whats the deal and what i need.
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Old 01-13-07, 08:27 AM   #11
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pms on the way , good looks, lets get it crackin...get at me...
Old 04-02-07, 07:23 PM   #12
Above Originality
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IP: 9465 0DDF

well lets get this back up im taking over for the OM shit...cus greviss left the site for a while personl problems so people lets go.
Chryme Syndicate
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Old 08-18-07, 03:59 PM   #13
Banned: Biting
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why everyone say that every open mic drop is wach thats why they leave no feed back....




ya just talking shit..



Old 08-18-07, 11:21 PM   #14
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i should mod this.......no question
Seek & Destroy
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"watch what you watchin...fox keeps feedin' us toxin's..stop sleepin' start thinkin outside of the box and unplug from the matrix doctrine....but watch what you say cause big brother is watchin" - nas - sly fox

The I.H.C.J.S.F.M.T.R.H.P.M.M.W.T.S.M.S.I.T.F.F.W.A.S. O Crew
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